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2 Mountain Khakis Pant Reviews

MK1cAfter some time in the bush, two of writers, David and Tim, have finally sat down to write up their thoughts on the different styles of Mountain Khakis pants that they not only tried out in the wild, but the middle of downtown as well.



Mountain Khakis Teton Twill Pants
By David Simerly

When I received my test pair of Mountain Khakis pants in the mail, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I’ve never owned a pair of pants that cost more than about $30, and I was rather curious to find out why and how a non designer brand pair of pants costs $75.00.  I wasn’t sure whether to expect cost because of brand or because of quality.  Upon opening the package and immediately donning the pants I knew without a shadow of a doubt that it was the latter.  My girlfriend was actually so impressed with my new pants she turned around and purchased a pair for herself two days later!

MK3aEveryone has favorite clothing.  Whether it is a pair of pants, a shirt, shoes, or even a hat, there is something in everyone’s wardrobe that has been with them for years.  Most of the time, a piece of clothing that has served you well for years will fit like a glove, almost as if the article of clothing has absorbed your personality and knows just what you like.  I’ve never had a pair of pants or a shirt that has become “one” with me and managed to stay in good enough condition to wear in public.  It is a shame that most clothing must endure that much wear and tear before it is “just right”.  Mountain Khakis have solved that problem.  The pair of pants I received for testing is the Retro Khaki colored Teton Twill, and they fit me like a 10 year old pair of pants right out of the box! To say I was astonished at the comfort and quality of fit would be an understatement.

The Teton Twill pants are made of 8.5 oz custom woven cotton twill.  They have triple stitched reinforced seams, reinforced pockets (including a hidden pocket), a riveted button, YKK zipper fly, reinforced heel panels with extra layers of cloth, and a gusseted area in the crotch for extra room and comfort on the go.  The pants are pre-shrunk, not getting any smaller or tighter even when run through the dryer on high heat.  The cotton twill resists stains wonderfully, and I certainly have tried to stain them!  The styling of the Teton Twill pants may make them a bit dressier than other styles MK makes, but they don’t give an inch for durability.  This combination makes the pants incredibly versatile and an instant favorite.

My pair of MK pants has become an irreplaceable part of my wardrobe in the short amount of time I have had them.  I’ve worn them between three and five days every week since I got them, even though they aren’t cargo pants, which I generally prefer. I’ve had them on while bashing around in the woods, making fire and whittling, exploring, making shelters, taking pictures and tons of other things that I get into while in the outdoors.  I’ve yet to manage a snag, a tear, or to wear a hole in them, even in the heel area!  The pants have protected me while backpacking in Monongahela National Forest, staying with me through briars, mud, rocks, and streams.  For a cotton based pant they are extremely comfortable, even when backpacking while soaked with rain and sweat.  Blood from rock based abrasions even washes right out.  Slipping and banging your knee against a rock while carrying a pack is a painful experience, even though the pants didn’t tear or stain.

MK2aWell before the pants accompanied me on a backpacking trip, they demonstrated time and again the amount of versatility they have.  I’ve gone straight from work to the range, the woods, and vice versa any number of times and never once worried I was going to mess up my “work pants”.  Even after grass, mud, and a little blood have been ground in, they just keep washing right out.  Because of the hardiness of the 8.5oz twill, I don’t have to worry about accidentally putting a hole in my good pants brushing past sticks, rocks, and other obstacles.  I’ve also gone the opposite route.  A couple times now I have jumped in my car from being outside, brushed the dirt, mud, etc off my pants, put on a button up shirt and nice shoes, and gone dancing!  The stylish cut of the pants allows me to do that without looking ridiculous. I’d say that alone is worth the price, not to mention all the other exceptional traits of the pants.

If I hadn’t been offered a chance to review a pair of MK pants, I may have missed out on an incredibly high quality piece of clothing.  I can say without a doubt that my current pair will not be my last.  I’m seriously looking forward to a few styles of pants that are coming out in the next twelve months or so, including a synthetic line and cargo pants.  The pants may be pricey compared to a pair from a department store, but it is money well spent. The quality, durability, and versatility offered by Mountain Khakis pants make them an excellent choice for anyone wanting a great pair of pants.

Original Mountain Pant
By Tim Stetzer

IMG_4219aIMG_4217aWhile David got to check out the Teton Twill pant I received the Original Mountain Pant to check out.  I was hit with much the same impressions as he was upon examining the pants. The ruggedness and quality are immediately obvious when you first handle a pair of Mountain Khakis.  These are certainly not your typical khaki’s that you’d pick up at the mall.  They aren’t even the type you’ve probably seen at your chain sporting goods and outdoor stores.  The construction and attention to detail seem much more solid and they look ready to wear right off of the rack or out of the box.  They remind me of a well-worn in pair of work trousers in that they’re solid, but soft if that makes any sense.

IMG_4239aThe Original Mountain Pant is a bit heavier than the Teton Twill pant.  It features sturdy 10.4oz cotton canvas with triple stitched seams.  There’s what MK calls a “diamond shaped action gusset” in the crotch area, which basically allows you more comfortable movement when walking, and especially when crouching, or climbing.  The waistband is lined for comfort and the pants are prewashed when you get them.  There are two-ply panels sewn on at the cuff of the legs.  This is a great feature in my opinion as I have a lot of older, comfortable pants that have worn badly at the cuffs.  This has moved them from casual/nicer pants to simply work and field pants.  The Original Mountain Pant has 6 belt loops and 5 pockets.  There are two rear patch pockets, 2 front hand pockets and a hidden pocket on the right side just behind the hand pocket.  My sample came in the Yellowstone color but a darker Ranch color as well as light gray Freestone and darker gray Granite colors are also available.

IMG_4231aLike David, I found that the MK pants made easy the transition from the woods to work or a casual night out on the town.  They work equally well with a button down shirt and shoes or a t-shirt and a pair of hiking boots.  They’d be a great pair of traveling pants since they’ll easily do that sort of double duty.  I’m notoriously bad about over packing so anything I can get that fills multiple niches when I travel is a blessing.  Aside from the versatility and comfort of the pants, I found some of the small details especially useful.  The hidden pocket for instance.  I hate carrying things loose in my pockets, partially because I don’t like things rolling around and making noise, and partially because I worry about things getting scratched or damaged.  The hidden pocket is a great solution to this.  I could easily carry a knife clipped in my front pocket and drop my car keys and other stuff in there while dropping more delicate things like my sunglass clips or anodized flashlight in the rear hidden pocket.  It also was nice to separate loose change from my knife, and was a good spot for carrying a nicer slip joint knife or SAK that I didn’t want banged up by keys.  The other pockets are large and deep.  They keep your wallet and other gear secure in their depths and make it unlikely that you’re going to lose anything out of them.

IMG_4234aThe Original Mountain Pant is pretty comfortable to wear too.  It fits like a worn-in pair of pants, even when new.  They’re cut to allow for an active lifestyle and tend to move with you rather than restrict you.  The heavy 10.4oz cotton canvas is tough stuff too.  I’ve used a lot of lightweight nylon hiking pants before and I’m always cautious when I plow through the brush to watch out for thorns and briars.  With lighter pants you stand a good chance of getting scratched or stuck through the pants and damaging the pants themselves.  The OMP’s take the abuse and keep on rolling, protecting you and coming away unscathed in the process.  You can’t ask for much better than that.

If I had one complaint with the pant it might be that it’s a bit warm for the height of summer.  Of course that’s why Mountain Khaki makes lighter weight pants like the Teton Twill ones that David checked out, and shorts like the MK Utility Shorts that Simon reviewed back in June.  You might pay a little more for a pair of Mountain Khakis than you would for other pants, but you’re getting a much higher quality product for the money spent.  That’s going to translate to greater comfort and satisfaction in the product while you use it, and greater durability so you’re going to be replacing it much less often than you would lesser pants.  Don’t think that Mountain Khakis products are just for guys either.  David already mentioned that his girlfriend picked up a pair and their women’s collection is almost as large as the men’s.  They also have a kid’s section as well, which is excellent considering how rough on clothes my kids are!  There’s even a line of belts and hats. The web belt may well be the next item on my shopping list, especially since I see that the buckle will work as bottle opener too!


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