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2009 OR Summer Market Day 1 Update


ORDay1008aWow!  What a day yesterday turned out to be.  The opening of the first day of the 2009 OR Summer Market was hectic to say the least.  The first half hour was downright dangerous with the people pushing through, cutting around, and generally racing each other to the various booths out on the floor.  After about an hour or so, things slowed down around the front door, but things stayed at a very rapid pace out where it counts.  It’s easy to see why.  This is where the manufacturers do a majority of their business for the coming shopping season.  It’s their time to show off their new products and get retailers to sign on the bottom line.  Me, things weren’t that urgent for me.  I decided that I was going to take my time and enjoy the ride.  That plan went out the window very quickly.  I had several appointments with manufacturers throughout the day and squeezed in some ad-hoc browsing as well.  But, everyone was pressed for time, so each visit wasn’t as long as needed to get all the specific information and details together all the time.  But, I will say that the folks I met with today were great, and bent over backwards to provide information on their products and show us what’s new for the coming year.  Hopefully, what they told me won’t all get lost in translation as I list some of the new releases  that I saw throughout the day.

Adventure Medical Kits


My first appointment was with Adventure Medical Kits.  One of their reps took me through several of their new offerings, and we started off with a familiar item that I know a lot of people use in the outdoors.  Some of you are familiar with the Pocket Survival Pak designed by Doug Ritter and distributed by AMK.  They’ve taken that concept one step further with their new Pocket Survival Pak Plus.  Essentially, it’s the same Pocket Survival Pak with the addition of a few items including a light from Essential Gear, MicroPur water purification tablets, a water container, and the newly released Ritter RSK Mk5 knife that is being produced by CRKT.  In the picture, the original items are on the left and the new items are shown to the right.  Having enjoyed great success with the first iteration of the PSP, Doug and AMK felt like it could be expanded a bit to offer a little more gear that would make it a more complete package for the person looking for higher quality products, but not necessarily wanting to construct their own kit.  Taking into account the new gear offered in the PSP Plus, it does look like it’s a more rounded affair that’s still very portable and user-friendly.  MSRP on this kit will be right at $80.00, but it’s believe that the kit will really go for around $65.00 on the street.  When you consider that a knife, a led light, in addition to the other items were added, it’s really not that large of a jump from the original MSRP.  Time will tell if this new product enjoys the same success as the original Pocket Survival Pak, but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that it will be well received by the market.

ORDay1002aORDay1003aBut, their survival line of products wasn’t the only thing that had some new additions.  Having already marketed Quik Clot for use with first aid kits to help with traumatic wounds, they’ve now done a variation on a theme by introducing Quik Clots for Nose Bleeds.  It’s actually gauze that’s treated with the Quik Clot agent to help stop bleeding not only from the nose, but it can also be used for other smaller wounds.  It was stated that the formulation is a little different so the heat generation wouldn’t be an issue like previous Quik Clot products.  After taking a look at that new offering, the rep moved me over to their new insect repellant, NatRepel, that uses an organic formulation to repel insects rather than utilizing chemicals like Deet.  I was told this new item not only works as well as Deet, but it was hinted that there were some initial findings that showed it might actually work better than Deet.  Personally, I would like a product of this type since Deet has several disadvantages no matter how well it works.  I’ve not known AMK to put out any sub-standard products, so I’m hoping their claims hold true.  I got a demo bottle of this product for review, and we’ll put it to the test to see it’s a really viable alternative to the years old standby that I lather in to keep the bugs away.

Finally, I was shown a couple of AMK’s new first aid kits.  They talked about how there was a gap between their lines according to consumers, and they felt their lower end kits weren’t necessarily hitting all the bases for the items offered.  So, they scrapped a couple of products and essentially merged them with some of the lower end pack from their high tier first aid kits.  We’ll have more information on these in the near future.


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