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2010 SHOT Show Day 2 Photos

2010-SHOT-074aAnother day done at the 2010 SHOT Show and we keep seeing great new stuff.  The shame of it is that the show is so big, it seems like we’re only scratching the surface.  Today, we had the chance to stop by and see new products from companies like RAT Cutlery, TOPS Knives, FN, Sure Fire, Ruger, Sig Sauer, Princeton Tec, Leatherman, Wenger, Springfield Armory, and others.  I’ve mentioned before that I’ve followed Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin of RAT Cutlery since they first started together, and it’s been great to see them do so well and to come out with great products that are appealing and very functional at the same time.  Today, we saw their new Junglas chopper which has a 10 inch long 1095 blade.  The blade thickness is 3/16’s inch.  They say it will be shipping in a month or so.  They also have their new Light Machete debuting at the show along with some new variations of already exisitng models.  These guys are out in the bush quite a bit and know what works in the field, and I have to say that the Junglas was an instant hit with me, and I haven’t even used it yet.  We were told that we would get a review item very soon and we’ll get that review posted as quickly as possible since we know how popular RAT Cutlery products are with our audience.  Leatherman also introduced their new Military Utility Tool which is a spin-off of their popular multi-tool line but aimed at the dedicated shooter–particularly AR platform rifles.  It’s a complex tool designed in conjunction with experts outside of Leatherman to get the most needed tools for the AR platform into the user’s hand in a functional package.  While a great looking tool, we won’t get a close look at it for a while since it’s not scheduled to ship until September.

Stay tuned this evening as we will be posting product release photos from different companies along with specs and other information.  To take a look at pictures from Todays’ rounds at the SHOT show, just go to the next page.


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