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2010 SHOT Show Day 4 Photos

2010-SHOT-177aWell, it’s been an interesting last few days.  On the way out of the SHOT Show in Vegas we got ambushed by snow, floods, hail, sleet, tonadoes, and I even think I saw a few locusts on the way.  We’ve been on the road night and day trying to get back home and that hasn’t given us a lot of time to post information from the last day of SHOT.  I’m sitting in the truck right now typing this out because I won’t be home until late this evening.  I edited some more pictures from SHOT while on the road just so you can see a few more things that caught our eye during the last day.  We will be posting more information from SHOT during the next week as we sort through everything and get all the information loaded.  We had a good time at the show, though it did have some issues because of the new convention center they used.  We made a lot more contacts and have already set up arrangements to get more products for review.  Some of them are very sexy–if you’re a Woods Monkey that is.  I think it’s going to be a great year for new gear!  Some of the first items we’ll be reviewing are some new knives from Spyderco, a new LED light from, and some other stuff we’re going to keep secret for a little bit.  Also, we will be posting some additional pictures tomorrow from our Associate Editor Tim Stetzer.  He has some eclectic tastes, so you may see something a little differnt or out of the ordinary that might strike your fancy.  But, stay tuned, we think you’ll like what’s coming in the next few weeks.  In the meantime, sit back and enjoy some pictures from the last day of SHOT.


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