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2011 Sorel Alpha Trac™ Buckle Boots (Women)

Sorel Glacirer Pack BootsThese boots are big, bulky and keep your feet warm.  If you are going to be working outside, hunting or running errands in sub-freezing temperatures, deep snow and extreme winter conditions, Sorel’s Alpha Trac Buckle boots are for you.
Let’s take a look at the basic specs on the Sorel’s Alpha Trac™ Buckle and then get into the details of how the boots performs.

 Snap Shot:

  • Temperature rated for -60°F/-51.5°C.
  • Shaft: 10 12 in
  • Circumference : 15 in
  • Weight : 32 oz
  • 2.5mm bonded felt frost plug.
  • 9mm Thermoplus felt footbed
  • 9mm Removable Sorel ThermoPlus Xtreme® InnerBoot
  • Ideal for winter motor sports
  • Waterproof PU-backed textile and synthetic leather upper
  • Seam-sealed waterproof construction
  • Built-in gaiter with a barrel lock closure system
  • Shatter-resistant YKK Shokonloc™ buckle closure
  • Reflective safety graphics
  • Molded EVA midsole for enhanced comfort, weight reduction, and thermal protection
  • Polar Lite™ shell for enhanced flexibility in extreme temperatures
  • Traction-enhancing multi-directional rubber lug outsole
  • Made in Vietnam
  • Retail: $180.00    

Sorel Glacirer Pack BootsSorel Glacirer Pack BootsCompany Overview:
Sorel is a subsidiary of Columbia Sportswear. In 1959, the Sorel line was introduced by Ontario based company, Kaufman Footwear and became known worldwide as the leader in cold weather boots.  In 2000, the Sorel trademark was bought by Columbia Sportswear and the brand was expanded to other products including nylon outerwear and other work-related garments.  Prior to Kaufman’s bankruptcy, Sorel boots were made only in Canada; today they are imported from Vietnam.

Sorel Alpha Trac™ Buckle Design Features:
The epitome of a pac-boot , defined as a boot with a removable liner, the Sorel Alpha Trac Buckle is the perfect winter sports boot.   It will keep your feet warm and dry through the deepest drifts. Expand Full details»Rated to -60° below zero, the Alpha Trac Buckle is built to meet the challenges of extreme cold.  A heavy-duty, waterproof PU-backed and synthetic leather upper covers your calf and keeps all the elements out including wind and all forms of precipitation; snow, water etc. Inside the boot, you will find a removable 9mm Removable Sorel ThermoPlus Xtreme® InnerBoot.  It fits snuggly onto a 9mm Thermoplus felt footbed and into the Polar Lite™ shell, with built-in outer gaiter that locks you firmly in place with a shatter-resistant YKK Shokonloc™ buckle closure.  This insulating combination will protect your feet and ankles while keeping you warm. When it comes to traction and navigating your way through snow and ice, the multi-directional rubber lug outsole prevents ice buildup and keeps you firmly on your feet. 

Sorel Glacirer Pack BootsSorel Glacirer Pack BootsFunctionality in the Field:
As far as their shoe sizing, they run big.  Normally when I buy boots or running shoes, I always get a ½ a size bigger for activity, swelling, socks layers and thickness.  Sorel seems to have already taken these considerations into mind.  You don’t have to get a bigger size when ordering your Alpha Trac Buckle.  Stick with your normal size and you will be fine. The Sorel Alpha Trac Buckle boots are ideal for snowmobiling, cold weather hunting, fishing, going to work or simply walking around.  I liked the easy to lock and unlock buckle closures.  Everything combined, these boots are bulky, stiff, sturdy and will keep your ankles well protected.  
 Flexibility is pretty good in these boots.  However, any activity where quick agility is necessary, running, mountain climbing etc., plan on a different boot.  Alpha Trac Buckle are not built for those activities. I put my Alpha Trac Buckle to the test on a winter trip to Alaska.  I started slow and walked around the frozen tundra’s ‘concrete jungle,’ also known as Anchorage.  They were great on sidewalks and hopping on and off curbs.  The temperatures hovered close to 0F and when the wind chill picked up, my feet stayed warm and toasty. Outside the city, on a leisure hike on a snow packed, and often times icy trail, the Alpha Trac Buckle deep ridged soles prevented me from slipping.  When I ventured into the woods and challenged the boots against deep snow drifts, the gaiters protected my calves and kept the elements where they belonged, outside.
Sorel Glacirer Pack BootsI did not have the opportunity to test the Alpha Trac Buckle’s at their advertised temperature rating of -60F.  I did wear them with wool socks and in -15F while walking on a frozen lake for 8 hours.  I was taking in the festivities and watching the start of Iditarod Sled Dog Race in Willow, AK.  They were very comfortable.  As long as I was moving around, my toes stayed warm.  My toes did get cold when jus t standing and watching the mushers take off at the starting line.

When it comes to fashion and you are going for the Herman Munster look, these boots nail it!  They are big, bulky and black.  Boot cut jeans fit nicely over the Alpha Trac Buckle.  They dress up those skinny jeans for those who can actually wear skinny jeans.  They are comfortable and won’t hurt your feet. 

Overall, these are great boots!

Pros:  Warm, wind resistant & durable

Cons:  A little stiff, toes got cold in -15F on ice

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Sorel Glacirer Pack BootsSorel Glacirer Pack Boots





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