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2015 SHOT Show Day 2

Day 2 of SHOT found us once again entering the labyrinth and trying to bounce from appointment to appointment. SHOT coverage is always a balance of trying to set up times to meet with the companies that you really want to check out and allowing time to wonder to discover new wonders that you may not have known about. Its also a tough balance top decide what you’re going to cover. When you’re like the Monkey staff and wearing different hats for a variety of publications that cover outdoors gear, knives as well as guns of all flavors it makes for a sometimes chaotic mix. Think a capuchin on Red Bull locked trapped in a closet. You feel like you’re bouncing off the walls running back and forth even though the place is huge. We concentrated on the main floor for Day Two but did get to venture into the side ballrooms a bit to check out our buddies at TOPS Knives and Ontario Knife Company too. Check out our days finds in the photo gallery and don’t forget to watch our Facebook and Instagram for live updates throughout the day!


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