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2015 SHOT Show Day 1

2015 SHOT Show

Day 1 of the SHOT Show opened with throngs of attendees shambling in a mass of vendors, buyers, and media reps from all corners of the planet converging on the Sands Expo Center.. If you’ve never been to SHOT its hard to convey the scale of it. It covers two floors of the Expo center and pills out into a number of surrounding ballrooms. Its sometimes hard to navigate and there so much to cover that invariably you leave after 4 days realizing you missed things you intended to see. Consider that there are 13 miles of aisle ways throughout the show laid out in a maze that would make any minotaur proud. To have a good show you need a plan on who you’re going to see and when you’re going to see them. Of course no plan survives contact with the enemy but it at least keeps you on some semblance of order in what can otherwise  be a glorious but aimless  meandering through the worlds biggest outdoors and shooting candy store. Take a look at our Day 1 gallery to see some of the things that we ran into in our travels and keep checking back through the week for daily updates! Don’t forget Facebook and Instragram too, we’ll be posting real time updates there throughout the day!

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