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2nd Annual Pouting

By Woodsmonkey Staff


What is a Pouting?  Why it’s the Pout House outing!  L.T. Wright Knives has a forum where the members interact with each other as well as the employees of the company.  It’s a great place to talk knives, guns, and anything outdoors.  This is the second year in a row that we held a weekend campout.  On May 1st-3rd we had some of the best camping weather you could ask for.  It was absolutely perfect.


We set up on Friday afternoon.  After getting our tents and hammocks all set up we did a little relaxing and set up for dinner.  After dark we got a campfire going. Here, we talked over and solved all the world’s problems.  Maybe the government should think about campfire problem solving. It sure is fun!

 Photo May 01, 5 07 08 PM

Oh, I guess I forgot to mention midnight bacon. What is midnight bacon you ask?  The best!  Having bacon at midnight has become one of our traditions.  There is nothing quite like having bacon cooked over an open fire. Six pounds to be exact. Oh yeah! Bacon overload! It was awesome.  Thanks Ben, for bringing the bacon.

Photo May 01, 11 54 01 PM
Midnight bacon!

 On Saturday we had a fantastic breakfast that was cooked by the LTWK team. Eggs, sausage, and hash browns. Yum!

Photo May 02, 8 30 09 AM
Breakfast is served


After breakfast and some campfire coffee it was time to get some wood for the fire.  Andy brought along his chainsaw and Mark used his winch to drag the big log up over the hill. Camping with your truck near is always an advantage.

Photo May 02, 10 21 02 AM 

We tag teamed the cutting, splitting, and stacking. In no time we had the weekend’s firewood stacked and ready.  Well done guys!

 Photo May 02, 10 21 08 AM

Then it was time for a little trade blanket action.  Lots of collectible knives and gear were being passed around and traded.

 Photo May 02, 12 40 03 PM

The geocaching was a good time.  They set out in teams to find some very nice prizes that the LTWK Crew had hid around the camping area.


The sling shot shoot was a great time.  Everyone that had a sling shot signed up and those that didn’t borrowed one and had a great time.  Steve was the beginner’s luck winner.

 Photo May 02, 2 15 01 PMPhoto May 02, 2 22 19 PM 

We later set up for some completion cutting with some rope.  After a few runs through the course we had the winner, good job Mark!


Later some of us set up targets and shot our longbows.  That was a very relaxing time.


After dark we solved the world’s issues, again. Russ entertained us with his guitar while we waited on the night’s midnight bacon.

 Sunday morning we had another wonderful breakfast and then started slowly tearing down camp.  A great time was had by all and we can’t wait until next year. Thanks to all who came and we hope to see you again next year!

And the 2015 Pouting has come to an end

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