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A Simple Stove for Camp or Trail

Magic Heat Stove Kit
Recently I came into one of these little cook stoves and I just couldn’t resist mentioning it here.  As Woods Monkeys come in all varieties, I think a certain section of our population would really enjoy this little stove.  It’s not light, it’s not super powerful, but I believe it fills a much needed niche in the outdoorsman’s kit.  Made by Scientific Utility, it’s called the Magic Heat, and is well worth its weight.  It’s similar to a Sterno style can, but it’s much improved.  While a Sterno can uses a gelled alcohol fuel, the Magic Heat canister uses a liquid fuel and wick to get the flame up out of the canister.  The fuel canister advertises a 6 hour burn time, as opposed to a 2 hour time on the common Sterno canister.  Mine came with two canisters, giving me 12 hours of total burn time.


Cross Support For Pots Or Pans
Also included is a round pot support and two slotted metal pieces that create a large pot/pan support on top.  The two slotted metal pieces assemble on the round pot support to form an "X" upon which to rest a pan.  I’ve found these sufficient enough to support a 12" frying pan and several different sizes of pots and kettles.  The flat bottom on the fuel canister does require you to provide a flat surface to stay stable.  However, on a solid flat surface, I’ve had no problems with the Magic Heat tipping or becoming unstable. 

You can light the stove in several different ways.  I’ve found it easiest to unscrew the top and use a lighter or match to light the wick.  Then, I place the post support on top of the fuel canister as it’s getting fired up.  Once that’s done, the metal cross pieces go on and I’m ready to cook.  You can also completely assemble the stove and drop a lit match from the top or slip it in a slot of the pot support to fire it up.  I’ve also had success with lighting the stove with a ferro/flint sparky rod.  Once lit, the flame reaches up high enough to touch the bottom of most pots on the pot support.  While not overly powerful, the stove is hot enough to boil water for coffee, tea, or noodles.  It’s also plenty hot enough to scramble your eggs or pan fry any meat you have handy. 

Magic Heat Stove With Cooking Pot
Where the Magic Heat truly excels is its shelf life.  Scientific Utility claims that a closed fuel canister will not leak or evaporate it’s fuel.  This makes it an excellent candidate for your survival or emergency kit.  Hunters and fishermen will enjoy the Magic Heat as well.  The Magic Heat stove can be stored in a vehicle kit, hunting camp, cabin, dry box on a fishing boat, or under your kitchen sink until it’s needed.  When needed, the Magic Heat stove will fire up for that cup of coffee after the hunt or hot meal after you come off the water.  For cabins or camps that are used infrequently, the Magic Heat stove provides a simple means to cook with and that can be stored until it’s needed.  A power outage, winter storm or hurricane can be made a bit more comfortable with the Magic Heat stove as well.   It’s a simple, no moving parts cooker that’ll work when you need it to.  That’s worth the weight for me. 

I’ve found the Magic Heat stoves online for around $10.  The kits usually come with a fuel canister and pot stand.  Two packs of canisters can be had for under $10 as well.  That’s cheap insurance. 

Scientific Utility  is the main carrier.  You can find retailers and search their other products on their main site. 

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