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AMK’s New S.O.L. 3 Kit Release

New AMK S.O.L 3 Kit
From Adventure Medical Kits is the following press release about their new S.O.L. 3 Kit.  We had a chance to see one at the SHOT Show and hope to have a demo unit available for review in the near future.


(OAKLAND, CA – WINTER 2009) – Adventure® Medical Kits, the leading developer of safety and survival gear for outdoor adventurers, today unveiled the S.O.L. 3.  Containing high-end components that cover survival, first aid and gear repair, the S.O.L. 3 gives outdoor enthusiasts “the essentials” to survive should they get hurt, lost or stranded in the outdoors.

Following the release of last year’s S.O.L. (Survive Outdoors Longer) Survival Pak™ – the most successful product launch in the company’s history — AMK identified a need for a kit that would combine their award winning line of medical, survival, and gear repair kits into one, lightweight, multi-functional kit that people could truly depend on to save their lives.

“Too many combination first aid and survival kits currently available are poorly organized and come larded with cheap components that won’t help outdoor enthusiasts when they need it most,” says Frank Meyer, AMK’s marketing director.

By contrast, The S.O.L. 3 groups high quality tools and materials into clearly marked, purpose-specific pockets, enabling users to put their hands on the items they need quickly, when they need them.

“The S.O.L. 3 is the ideal multi-purpose kit for the everyday outdoor enthusiast –the day hiker, backpacker, or hunter — who wants to be fully prepared, but not weighed down with three separate kits,” says Meyer.

Made of tough ultralight nylon with clear vinyl windows to easily spot what you need, the S.O.L. 3 kit is packed with the following innovative components: a 2-watt LED Headlamp (for working at night); a 2-person Heatsheets® Survival blanket (for warmth, shelter); a magnesium fire starter (for building fire); a Mini Rescue Flash™ Signal Mirror, and Slim Rescue Howler™ Whistle (for signaling); heavy duty aluminum foil (for boiling water); Duct Tape, 8” and 4” cable ties and 10 FT of nylon cord (for gear repair); EMT shears, Nitrile medical gloves, comprehensive wound care items, medications for treating pain and allergic reactions (for first aid); and iodine drops (for water purification). The S.O.L. 3 also comes with survival and first aid instructions as well as a smaller detachable nylon bag that can be used to stow the survival supplies in and keep on your person so you will always have them when you need them.

Slated for a January ’09 release, the S.O.L. 3 will retail for MSRP$56.00

About Adventure® Medical Kits

Adventure® Medical Kits, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tender Corporation Inc., is the world leader in innovative first aid and outdoor survival gear that help people enjoy safe outdoor adventures. Co-designed with top emergency, outdoor, marine and travel medicine experts, AMK’s activity-specific products are specially designed to prevent and treat common injuries and ailments that occur during outdoor activities, mountaineering, hunting, sailing, hiking or traveling the world. Many of the kits follow AMK’s unique Easy Care™ system, which organizes hospital quality supplies into injury specific compartments, allowing the novice or pro to quickly and confidently administer first aid.

Additionally, the company markets a wide range of survival products, including its top-selling Thermo-Lite® Bivvy Sack and Pocket Survival Pak™, and bug repellents and bite treatments, such as Ben’s® insect repellent and the world-famous AfterBite®. More recently, the company has expanded into the hygiene category, with the release of the Adventure® Hands Sanitizer and exclusive distribution into the outdoor retail channel of Fresh Bath™ Wipes , both of which help reduce the likelihood people will contract an illness while out in the field.

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