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Big Mountain House Sale

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The Monkey as recieved word that Camping Survival is having their biggest Mountain House sale on record! Mountain House products are Monkey approved and we think you should check this out right away! Here’s what we got earlier.

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“Today we start our biggest Mountain House sale ever!  No only are we approved for a rare 15-25% off sale but as of today July 1st Mountain House has reduced their MAPP (Minimum Advertised Pricing Point, the price they require us to charge).  What that means is that our discounted rates for this week are off the new lower MH MAPP pricing.  Therefore this week is the lowest MH prices ever!  At the same time MH raised the prices to their resellers such as ourselves.  Last week we placed and received our largest MH order ever.  So not onlr are the the bets prices ever, but they are all brand new and fresh.  What an opportunity for customers.”

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