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BRKT Canadian Special

The Canadian Special

The Canadian Special
The Canadian Special
A long awaited dream came true for me, just in time for PWYP.  I received my copy of the finalized production version of the BRKT Canadian Special.  The Canadian Special is 8.75" overall with a 4" by .170" A2 tool steel blade. It tips the scales at nearly 6 ounces. The handle scales shown are maroon linen micarta, but handle scale choices from BRKT are seemingly endless. The Canadian Special sports a finger grooved handle, but the grooves are shallow and do not limit gripability in the various common grip positions for sporting knives. The humped blade puts the tip of the knife right in the perfect position for crafting in the woods.

The Candian Special is supplied with BRKT’s modular pouch sheath which will easily accommodate the piggyback attachment of a smaller BRKT knife sheath – it is shown with a Mikro attached. The sheath will also accommodate a 3/8" diameter ferro rod or most AAA sized LED flashlights. It is shown with BRKT’s newest addition to the lineup – a matching handle ferro rod. Nice touch for the obsessive compulsive matching gear freaks like me.  Here’s a shot with the Canadian Special and the new Bravo 1 for size comparison. A sheathed Woodland is in the background.

Canadian Special In The KitchenThe Canadian Special is a cutting machine. It makes quick work of whittling chores and utility cutting tasks.  It also batoned well, making quick work of prepping a pile of kindling. The humpty back blade is a joy to work with for this task.  After being washed up and thoroughly inspected, the CS was put to work in the camp kitchen. Care and I were making a huge dutch oven full of stew and the CS was up to the task.  Even with the beating it’d been given earlier, the CS easily drew through the meat for the feast.  Using the blade like a chef’s knife, veggies succumbed easily to the convexed razor edge…



Although prejudiced, I rate the BRKT Canadian Special very highly. This one really performs and the production version was worth the wait. It’s a great field tool and valueable addition to my hunting, camp craft and survival gear…


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