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Brunton’s New Lamplight 360

Brunton’s Lamplight 360 as a flashlight.
Brunton’s New Lamplight 360
Here’s an exciting new product released by Brunton for 2009.  It’s their Lamplight 360.  Essentially, it’s an LED light that can be used as a flashlight or an area light depending on whether or not it is open or closed.  But, that in itself isn’t the exciting part of this new product.  Convertible lights have been around for a while, but what makes this one unique is that it can run on basically whatever size batteries you have available–AA, C, or D!  This is a new patent-pending technology that allows the user to “make do” with the batteries they have available in order to have light either in the tent or on the trail.  We think this product has a lot of potential and are hoping to review it in the near future and convey our thoughts to the Woods Monkey audience.  Here is more information about the Lamplight 360 found in the press release issued by Brunton!

The first 360 º LED lantern brings new technology to a classic. No reflectors are required to pour an even beam of light on camp. No dead or black spots. This lantern runs for hours on D, C, or AA batteries whichever you have handy. It’s called Omnivore Variable Battery Technology, a patent-pending design exclusive to Brunton. Push the head in to use as a flashlight, pull it out for a lantern.

Durable ABS Plastic / Polycarbonate
Dynasty LED
High/Low modes
Soft rubber, easy on/ off button
Convenient metal lantern hanger
Can run off of D, C, AA (included) or AAA Batteries
Weight: 6.6 oz (2 AA Batteries)
Run time: Up to 32 hours (D-cell)
Lux rating: 7 (Lantern Mode) – 35 (Flashlight Mode) @ 2 meters
Dimensions: 4.3″x1.3″

Estimated Street Retail $40

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