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Exciting News From Camping Survival

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AS always, the crew at has been hard at work and the monkey crew here would like to share with you some of their latest and greatest news!

1.  We recently started a new survival food blog.  “There are many great types of survival food on the market, from canned, to freeze dried, to MRE’s. What many don’t realize is that this “survival” food isn’t just for emergencies, but is great food that can be used in regular, everyday meals. This site is dedicated to bringing you delicious recipes using survival food, which you can eat now or when an emergency strikes.”   See it here

2.  We all probably know folks that like survival and prep chat but dont like Facebook for various reasons even though we do have over 100,000 fans between our two pages  and foe women   So we decided to build a new blog with the best stuff from our facebook page, on a blog they dont have to log in to.  Check it out here please

3.  Also, we just put up several new videos recently  from Cafe2Go, new hot product to survival tabs and MRE’s.  

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