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Carhartt Acadia Jacket

Carhartt Acadia JacketSo it’s two days after Christmas and I needed to get out of the house. I decided to take advantage of a momentary break in the rain to take a quiet walk along a meandering creek.  It was the perfect place to try out my new Carhartt Acadia jacket. 

Due to the variable conditions I wore it as a shell over a light fleece and my Carhartt cotton T-shirt.  With my camera in hand I headed out.  The wind was very steady and cool and the rain had lightened up to a fine mist by the time I made it about a mile to the valley floor and a small stream that I held many childhood memories.  The temperature was about 45 degrees in the valley but I was very warm and dry in my Acadia jacket.  As I walked along the creek, there were plenty of fallen trees, thick brush, and briars to be negotiated.  All of which slid cleanly over the jacket without snagging.  The elastic cuffs kept the cold out thanks to the addition of the adjustable loop and pile tabs.  The zippered pockets are lined with a soft double mesh liner that kept my camera secure and my hands warm.  The pockets are creatively designed to provide to large internal pockets as well.  The hood is easily secured with a loop and pile closure and is roomy enough to wear a hat under it.  This jacket is all I hoped it would be and more.  It is exceptionally dry with taped seams but not to the point that you are sweating.  It lets in enough air and with the adjustment points at the cuffs, waist, and hood you can easily find a comfort zone. 

The Acadia is extremely light weight and can be stowed in a day pack and use as rain gear or, as I found it to be, an excellent all weather shell for cold and wind.  The MSRP for the Acadia jacket is $105 USD and considering the versatility and the quality of the jacket I think this is a pretty good deal.  This is a jacket that will last for many years and will keep you warm and dry.  Carhartt also makes the Acadia pants to go with the jacket.  I think I’ll have to get these to complete the set.

On this day hike, I also wore my Carhartt Relaxed Fit Jeans.  They are very comfortable and come prewashed/preshrunk.  They held up without any snags, pulls or tears after traipsing through some dense brush that included a few trips through some briars and one slip down a muddy bank.  Yes, they came home christened with the infamous red mud of Southern Virginia.

I am very pleased to report that my Carhartt gear is holding up to their reputation as a high quality product.  I hope that all of you had a safe and Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.  Stay tuned for more as I, and the other lucky guys, post more reviews about our Carhartt gear.

Date:  December 27, 2011

Location:  Southern Virginia in the foot hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains

Conditions:  45-50 degrees depending on the elevation, SW Wind at 20 knots, light rain with scattered patches of sun.

 Carhartt Acadia Jacket

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