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Carhartt Detroit Blanket Lined Jacket

I was given the privilege to wear and review the Carhartt Detroit jacket this winter. The only problem is that winter never came to North Carolina. I officially broke out my summer clothes on St. Patrick’s Day. Be that as it may, I was able to get good use out of my jacket and give it a pretty good work out on the few days that I actually needed a warm jacket this winter.


This is an American classic that is designed for the man or woman who wants a jacket that will last a lifetime. From the heavy canvas to the heavy duty brass zipper and snaps on the cuffs and waist tabs this jacket is built tough. It isn’t made of high-tech materials nor have fancy design features to accommodate the latest electronic gadget. It is made of truly heavy duty cotton canvas that weighs 12oz. per square yard and is lined with a blanket quilting around the chest and back and nylon quilting through the sleeves. This is no lightweight. The main seams are triple stitched and the back has bi-swings that give you more room to stretch your arms. There are waist tabs with heavy brass snaps that allow you to tighten the lower part to keep out the wind and cold. These same snaps are found on the cuffs. There are two lined exterior pockets and a single interior breast pocket with a plastic zipper. All are of ample size and the exterior pockets are very warm.


On the few times that it was actually near or slightly above freezing, I found the weight to be comforting and the combination of the quilt and nylon lining to provide great warmth. So much so that you will likely want to open or shed the jacket when temps exceed 55 or so. Although Carhartt doesn’t claim that it is water proof, it will definitely ward off a light rain. Wearing this jacket when it’s new feels stiff but this gradually softens at the joints becoming more personally fitted. Like the hard working people it was designed for, this is a very tough jacket that will keep coming back for more. It will definitely make you feel manly when you put it on and at a MSRP of $95.00 it’s a good deal. A deal? No it’s an investment because this jacket will likely be around and paying dividends of warmth and protection for as long as you own it and then some.

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