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Carhartt’s Fifth of Five

Carhartt Clothing

Crunchtime!  We were all excited to get onboard for the review of the Carhartt work wear but sadly I for one forgot how busy this time of year is.  I apologize for coming in last with my review precursor.  Oh well, I did want to get some pictures and a little blurb out before the holidays though for all you Woods Monkeys to see. 
Carhartt Clothing Carhartt Clothing

My end of this review is the following articles of work wear.  3 different pants – Straight leg jeans, soft dungarees, and a pair of black washed duckcloth carpenter pants.  For the upper half of things I received a logo tee, logo hoodie, and a rainproof jacket.  I intend to put them through their paces over the next few weeks.  My regular work details included cutting and splitting firewood, vehicle maintenance, plowing snow will surely come up, and generally taking care of my little piece of heaven.

I’ve been a Carhartt user for most of my life.  I even added a few shots of my own reliable everyday coat to show it’s something I’m already familiar with.   When you finally wore out, or grew out of, a work coat it was generally a Carhartt that you replaced it with when I was growing up.  I’ve had bibs, coveralls, coats, gloves, socks, watch caps, and just about everything you can think of but I haven’t touched a tenth of their product line.  It is just that extensive.  I don’t think you’ll find too many people unfamiliar with the name at the very least.   Their name is synonymous with hard work and the blue collar grind.  It has stood the test of time and remains an industry front runner.

Carhartt Clothing Carhartt Clothing Carhartt Clothing Carhartt Clothing

Stay tuned for more details and a breakdown of the ins and outs of the individual articles of clothing as we each in turn review our submissions!

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