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Carhartt’s First of Five Preview

CarharttAs a kid, I hated getting clothes for Christmas.  After watching A Christmas Story, I realized that I had a pretty good childhood.  At least I never ended up with a pink bunny suit and I got plenty of things with which I could put my eye out.  Now, if it is even remotely possible that anyone has me down for a pink bunny suit, a tie or sweater with a Santa on it or even orange and chartreuse plaid socks, I would like to make it perfectly clear that I’m all set – don’t need a thing.  On the other hand, if someone were to have "something Carhartt" penciled in beside my name, I take back what I just said. 

 CarharttOver Christmas break, I will be having myself a very merry Christmas because I will be trying out some new Carhartt apparel.  "Apparel" sound a little stuffy for Carhartt clad bruisers totin’ chainsaws and shotguns?  Think again.  I will not only be checking out a hooded Active Duck Jacket, but Carhartt Relaxed Fit Jeans, Canvas Utility Pants and Ripstop Work Pants, a long-sleeved Henley, a Workwear T-Shirt and an honest to goodness, real cotton plaid flannel shirt.  If you are the least bit familiar with Carhartt clothing, you already know that it is tough and serviceable, but the aforementioned garb is as suitable for relaxing on the couch with the family on Christmas day or wearing to the office as it is for rough duty outdoor work and adventure.

CarharttCarhartt Take a look at the pockets on these pants.  They are designed to actually be used and not just as useless decorations.  They fit stuff and are located where you can get to them.  The cargo pockets don’t let your gear end up between your thigh and calf as you squat to tend the fire, which is incredibly painful, and they are attached like they are meant to stay where they were first put.  After checking out the pockets on the Utility and Work Pants, I have decided that I’m not messing around with a stocking this year.  I’m hanging a pair of these puppies on the mantle.

 For now, you get some pictures of some really great clothes.  As soon as Christmas break begins, I will be getting some hiking, hunting and wood-cutting in and will report back with more later.  I have a feeling that this year’s outdoor endeavors will be undertaken in significantly more comfort and peace of mind than last year’s.

 Speaking of peace; you folks enjoy your Christmas.  Take advantage of the general sense of goodwill that is expected and spread as much of it as you can.  This time of year it’s a lot easier to get away with it so a good goodwill binge can more easily be forgiven by even the most Grinchy of us.

 I’m looking forward to bringing back some details on this incredible cross-section of Carhartt clothing. 

Merry Christmas!

 Editors Note:
Carhartt has graciously hooked us up with rugged outdoor clothing for 5 of our writers giving us a chance to to test out a wide variety of their gear on a variety of writers in a variety of outdoor conditions and activities. We’ll preview their first impressions and then be following up with full reviews in the weeks to come!


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