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Carhartt’s Fourth of Five

To quote an old friend on mine, “When I wear Carhartts, I’m bullet-proof.”  Big John was famous for his tough appearance and teddy-bear attitude, and truth be told, he wasn’t far off from the truth.  Really though, when most folks think tough clothing, they think Carhartt.  It’s just that simple, Carhartt is synonymous with tough.  But as these latest offerings from Carhartt prove, they’re capable of a whole lot more.

 Carhartt Clothing

I’m a fan of Carhartt, no doubt about it.  I’ve been wearing their stuff for well over a decade now, and I have no plans to stop.  When I had the opportunity to get in on the Woods Monkey review crew for the latest Carhartt offerings, I couldn’t say yes quickly enough.  Now, for most folks, clothes just aren’t that exciting.  But truth be told, I’d rather have a good set of double-kneed Carhartt pants than a new whiz-bang knife or some other gadget that I’d barely use.  So when I tore open the Carhartt box-o-goodies, I was elated.  Three pants, three shirts, and a heavy-weight jacket.  I couldn’t help but start trying stuff on. 

The jacket got my attention first.  I’ve been wearing Carhartt jackets for years now, and my old one is going on its third Colorado winter.  This new jacket is the Sandstone Jacket, with the Artic Quilt lining.  It’s in dark brown, which looks particularly good in my opinion.  This jacket features a higher cut bottom, a feature which makes the jacket comfortable in a vehicle, as well as turning wrenches under one.  I’ve already worn this jacket in snowy conditions with temps in the single digits, and I am impressed.  I’m really looking forward to testing this jacket out during the approaching winter season. 

The first set of pants that I checked out are the flannel lined, Washed Duck Dungaree.  These pants are the heavy-weight material, and the lining is thick and soft.  The Dungaree’s feature multiple side pockets, and triple stitched seams.  I’ve worn these once already changing the oil in my wife’s car.  I can say that the flannel lining is very comfortable, even when lying on concrete in outside air temps close to zero.

Carhartt Clothing

The next set of pants I gave the once-over were the Double Front Canvas Work Dungaree’s.  These are the one’s I’m most familiar with, and I’ve owned a half dozen pair of these over the years.  The one’s I received are the lighter weight canvas, making them easily the most comfortable double front Carhartts I’ve owned.  These feel better than some of the ‘tactical’ brand pants I own, and looking them over, they’re much better built.   

The last pair of pants up for the review is the traditional fit jean.  I’ll be honest here and say that I’ve never owned a pair of Carhartt jeans, so this test period will be a welcome opportunity.  They fit me just like the double-kneed pants I’m used to, but look like any other blue jeans.  They are, however, much thicker than the jeans my wife prefers me to wear when we’re out to dinner.  Looking at them, you can’t tell much difference.  I’d bet they out last the fancy-pants by a large margin, though. 

Carhartt Clothing

I also received three shirts for review.  One is a standard Carhartt button up.  Its flannel and well built, with button flaps on the breast pockets.  The second shirt is the long sleeve, heavy cotton pull over.  This shirt fits me particularly well, and has quickly become one of my ‘gotta get more’ shirts.  The last shirt up for review is the standard t-shirt, with a breast pocket and button up neck.  This is a heavy cotton t-shirt as well, and I look forward to using this inside as well as outside under some of the other clothing.  This shirt is the only one that doesn’t fit me quite perfect, as it seems to be a bit large.  I think a good wash in hot-water may fix that, but I’ll have to report back to you on that one.   

Carhartt Clothing

With all the Carhartt gear I’ve got here, I plan on having a bullet-proof winter.  Look for a final review of how all the Carhartt kit did, through all conditions, in the next couple of months.  I can’t wait to get to work.   

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