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Carhartt’s Third of Five

I’m one lucky Monkey!  Carhartt’s line of women’s clothing came in a big box the other day.
Early Christmas for me!!!!
Ok, I’m sure it wasn’t their entire line, but I will have plenty for you ladies (and guys looking for an awesome gift for your ladies) to read about over the next couple of months.  Here’s a rundown of what I’ll be reviewing….. 

 A Medium weight Flannel (in “Raspberry”),  a dark purple thermal lined hooded jacket , a medium weight pink zipper jacket, black track pants and jacket, ¼ zip sweat (“hoodie” in red), ¼ zip thermal shirt in light purple, a waffle Henley in ivory, and a sandstone “mock” (sherpa-lined vest) in black. 


  Perhaps you don’t care about the colors, but I was thrilled to see pink, purple and shades of red (yes, I know pink is technically, “lightish red”) in the offerings.  Before opening my stash, I equated Carhartt with that “mud brown” color that is very practical for …well…mud and not worrying about getting said mud on your clothes.  But ladies, we know we can wash our Carhartt’s (Something I was told was taboo for men-it’s a guy thing, I’ll just move on) and look pretty while getting mud on ourselves so bring on the pink!!!  We can even look fashionable and …dare I say it….like a GIRL! 



When trying on the above mentioned, one thing that struck me was the cut of the shirts.  Not the traditional box cut of flannels and long sleeved shirts that until recently we’ve been offered.  Especially in the “work clothes” category.  Flattering princess seams show off our curves without being restrictive. Also, I did wash all my gear (oh the horror!!) to check out the shrink ratio.  All the offerings were cotton (either 100% or slightly less.) so I wondered about putting them in the dryer as the label states.  While there was shrinkage, it was minimal at most.  More like slight tailoring.  Everything fits great and is really comfortable.


Another thing I took note of was the zippers on the items I had.  These are not flimsy! I’m so hard on zippers.  Ask my husband, I break them with alarming speed, fix them with safety pins as pulls or just ignore the zipper completely.  I seriously doubt I could break these zippers; they are rugged and almost look industrial strength (if there is such a thing).  In any event, they are hearty and I’ll have a zipper that will stay put!


  While I will be doing random outdoor tasks to test the majority of the items (yard work, snow removal, and bus stop trips) the track pants and jacket will be undergoing heavy testing from-well-running. I can’t wait to try these out and you can be sure, out of everything; these will get the most washing.  


So that’s what you all can look forward to from me after the holiday rush is over.  Thanks to Carhartt for their generosity.  From my campsite to yours, Merry Christmas and have a safe and Happy New Year!

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