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Maxpedition Condor II

Over the years, I have spent quite a bit of money in the never ending search for the perfect daypack.  With all the options available, it seemed feasible that such a thing existed, but each option that I tried- still left me wanting.  That all changed with the availability of the Maxpedition gear line, and since the purchase of the first piece of their gear, I have remained greatly impressed. Initially, I attempted to utilize my everyday pack in a dual-purpose role of being outfitted for both my work duties and recreational fun at the same time, but this didn’t work out very well. Enter the Condor II.  The Condor II is essentially what I would call an “assault pack”.  It is a slightly larger takeoff concept from the Falcon II that allows for more internal space, yet is still easily carried through confined spaces.  This model is wider and rated at aprox. 1950 cubic inches, has a similar waist belt, PALS webbing attachments, compression straps, bottom straps, removable Y-yoke, Fastex buckles, Drag handle, 100 oz. water bladder inside a fully zippered enclosure, and many of the other familiar features.

A brief overview of the specs are:

  • The main compartment is aprox.  17″x 14”x 6”.
  • Outer top pouch is aprox.  5”x 9”x 2”.
  • Outer bottom pouch is aprox.  8”x 9”x 2”


Among my many work related duties, I have the pleasure of being one of the members of one of our Sniper Teams, and when we fall out for call we must be prepared to be pretty much self-sustained for prolonged periods.  To accomplish this, we carry our own food, water, ammunition, navigational gear, optics, portable shooting platforms, surveillance and communication gear, and assorted weapons.  These items are carried by a two man Shooter/Spotter configuration, but this still requires a versatile pack.

I have included a few photos of this pack.  Please forgive the fact that this is obviously not a brand new specimen.  That being said, I would never intentionally try to break a piece or gear, but our equipment does not always have the luxury of being pampered.  This pack has fallen off of trucks, bounced off trees and down hills, dragged through all manner of terrain, been submerged for long periods, buried, and intentionally tossed out of multi-story buildings on more than one occasion.  When taking all this into consideration, I can say that I’ve had no complaints whatsoever with this pack’s layout of construction whatsoever, in the roughly two years that I’ve carried it.  I’ll close by saying that I highly endorse this product, and recommend that you take a moment to take one for a test hike around the store, the next time you see one.



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