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Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat, One Man’s Solution, by M.D. Creekmore

It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine. Cool song, better book. Survivalist and author M.D. Creekmore has written a new preparedness book titled Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat, One Man’s Solution. For those that do not know M.D Creekmore runs , he walks his talk. As his story goes, prior to his divorce he had purchased a piece of “junk” land for a rainy day. Then, the unfortunate time came when he got drenched and ended up divorced and unemployed. With nowhere to go and his soul bruised, he puts a travel trailer on his land and begins the outline for his book Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat. 100_2477a

Anyone who practices a preparedness mindset has a mind full of data from a lifetime of reading, watching and practicing. All have a vision of the perfect bug out location, the perfect gear, the perfect simple self-reliant life. The majority just cannot afford that perfect vision, M.D. Creekmore being just one of many. M.D. has offered the outline for a personally affordable dirt cheep survival retreat. The book, published Paladin Press, contains seven chapters, spanning 79 pages and has black and white pictures supporting the information. The first chapter is the overview. M.D. relates his story to the reader and sets up the rest of the book. The second and third chapters take the reader through finding and purchasing what M.D. defines as “junk” land, and a suitable trailer. The final four chapters describe power sources, water, waste disposal, security, food, guns and other supplies.


This is a great book and I enjoyed reading it. The first thing that caught my eye when I started reading is the disclaimer in the front of the book. It lets you know that the information presented is based on the authors personal experiences and opinions blah, blah, blah, does not take into account local laws, codes, blah, blah, etc. Make sure you read the full paragraph because some of the ideas are illegal in my state. I found the chapters on power generation, waste, and stockpiling to be the most interesting to me. They do not include all the details necessary to actually be an expert in those areas; however, they do give you the ideas necessary to start some serious research. My most favorite section of the book is on pages 74 through 77 in the section titled “Firearms for Self-sufficiency and Protection”. M.D. categorizes and lists several “arsenal” ideas. Make sure you read this, it made me laugh and Wal-Mart get a little free advertising.

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Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat is a short quick read with tons of information and acts as an outline for your own ideas. Make sure you read the disclaimer and before acting check local codes and laws. M.D if you are reading this BRAVO! All others enjoy.


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