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Doug Ritter Interview


Doug Ritter of Equipped To Survive
We just had a great interview yesterday with Doug Ritter of Equipped To Survive and got a lot of great information, background, and tips from him on a variety of topics related to the outdoors and preparedness. I’ve been a big fan of Doug’s site and the information he’s had to share for almost a decade.  Doug has an extensive background in training and consulting with organizations about preparedness issues, including military units, commercial endeavors, whether it has to do with aeropace or maritime concerns.  Even though he deals with a lot of groups and organizations, he still writes articles and designs gear for the average consumer.  But, that experience he has gotten with the various groups translates into quality gear and information for all of us.

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Because of his background and experience, Doug is a highly sought after individual, and it took a little finaggling to arrange a time for us to talk, but it was well worth the wait!   We talked about issues relating to his site, outdoors gear, products that he likes and even some that he’s designed himself.  There’s no question that Doug is one of the most respected and authoritative people in the preparedness area, and once you hear the interview, you’ll understand why.

While you’re listening, you can go over and take a look at Doug’s website and see some of the information that’s available about not only his products, but all the information that can be found if you drill down deep enough into the site.  There’s enough to keep you busy for weeks!! His website can be found at


If you prefer to just download the interview and listen to it on your computer or your MP3 player, then just right click on the link below and choose “Save Link As” to a folder on your computer:

Download Here!!

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