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Ethan Becker Interview

Ethan Becker (right) provides shuttle service at 2008 PWYP.
Yesterday, we were able to finish another in a line of interviews with influential people in the outdoors industry.  Our latest interview was with Ethan Becker of Becker Knife and Tool.  Ethan has influenced several sectors of the outdoors industries with some of his designs.  Besides the various knives he has designed for Becker Knife and Tool, he also designed the Becker Patrol Pack manufactured and distributed by Eagle Industries, and he designed the CMI Figure 8 descender.  If that weren’t enough, Ethan also took over the mantle of responsibility of continuing to update the family’s largest legacy–“The Joy Of Cooking” which has been around for decades.  It’s considered to be one of the best and most comprehensive books written for teaching the art of cooking.

During the interview, Ethan talks about his history and the things that appeal to him with regard to the outdoors and knife industry.  He talks on several knife makers whose work he admires, and he talks about the sense of community and comraderie found in folks that are of a common mind.  So, we hope you enjoy the interview and gain a little knowledge from someone who has had a significant effect on several outdoors activities.

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