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Drago Gear 36” Discreet Gun Case Review

Earlier this summer the staff here at the Woods Monkey had an opportunity to check out Drago Gear’s Discreet Gun Case. Most tactical rifle cases on the market today clearly look it with storage and magazine pockets covering the outside of the case. While those cases are very functional they can be obvious as to their function.  Drago Gear offers up a slick unassuming alternative that conceals the contents so that you are not telegraphing your personal belongings to your neighbors. It is notable that at a glance the case does not look like a rifle case.

Drago Gear’s Discreet Gun Case is made from black condura nylon that has a padded main compartment for rifle storage and a second front zippered compartment for a pistol, magazines and ammunition. The Discreet Gun Case has a detachable padded shoulder strap that will accommodate folks with a larger frame and still is comfortable to carry full loaded. The hand carry straps can be locked together with a padded Velcro enclosure that did not cut into the hand when carrying. All zippers are heavy duty and include lanyards to assist in opening and closing. The cases measurements are 36”x14”x10” and it weighs approximately four pounds.

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To test out the dimensions of the main compartment several different models of tactical rifles including two AR-15s and a Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 were placed within the case. All of the rifles used for testing had collapsible stocks and shorter barrels. They were easily secured with two Velcro straps and the barrel and butt stock slide under triangular shaped padding.  I was surprised to find that a AK style WASR-10 did fit in the main compartment without using the triangular pads. While the case was not designed for this rifle it could be used in a pinch. The main compartments configuration keeps the rifle from moving around and has room for rifles with optics.  I ran up and down a set of stairs several times with a rifle secured in the main compartment and detected no slippage or loosening of the rifle in storage. In addition, I loaded the case with a pistol and full loaded magazines. Whether carrying the case with the hand straps or should strap it was comfortable to use.

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The front compartment opens to reveal a sizeable compartment for pistol as well as three pockets for AR magazines and four straps for pistol magazines. The pistol compartment is large enough to fit most pistols with the exception of long barreled revolvers. Alternatively the pistol compartment could be used to store other items such as a cleaning kit, shooting glasses, and ear protection. The three AR magazine pouches are adjustable but I found that they are best suited for 10, 20 and 30 round magazines.  The four pistol magazine straps will accommodate extended magazines for semi automatics.

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Overall, the Drago Gear Discreet Rifle Case makes an excellent choice to haul around a tactical rifle, pistol and ammunition. While it was designed for this purpose the case could hold almost any short rifle or tactical shotgun. The case is made from quality durable materials that will take a lot of punishment and last a long time even with heavy use.  Drago’s website did not have a suggested M.S.R.P. for the rifle case. However, a search of the Internet will turn up price around $65 dollars which doesn’t seem unreasonable given how well it is made. Having a rifle case that conceals the contents from nosy neighbors and prying eyes is worth the cost.

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