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Drago Gear 36” Single Gun Case

The term “Gun Case” when I was a kid was a simple thing.A soft sleeve usually leather with a fleece or woolen liner.It didn’t matter if I was grabbing a shotgun to sneak a few shots at doves, heading to the woods with a slug gun for whitetail, or just taking the 22 out for target shooting.On sleeve fit every gun we had.Not the case these days.What with the advent of more tactical weapons being owned by the average Joe, one can find anything from a Pelican case to old style gun sleeve and anything in between.Most popular amongst them it seems is the weapons bag.


Usually available in your three to four basic colors and sometimes camouflage these platform cases offer storage and protection for the weapon in transport along with a bevy of storage for everything you can think of. The general design is similar across the manufacturers but as with so many things the devil is in the details. Today we are looking at the Drago Gear 36” Single Gun Case from the Elite Ranger Collection. Big name for a weapons bag you say? Well, maybe it isn’t just another weapons bag!IMG_1268

The bag we got to review is black in color. It can accommodate many weapons but it is best suited to the AR platform. The exterior of the bag is indeed sleek and purpose built. Covered with an esoteric conglomeration of pockets, zippers, and MOLLE webbing one can hardly hope to fathom. Yeah, it is that cool. Let us instead look at the simple features of the bags interior. A double zipper goes around three sides of the case opening it book fashion for full access to your stowed weapon of choice. Two corner pocket folds help to retain said weapon in addition to two Velcro straps a third of the distance in from each end of the case. The entire perimeter of this space is padded to protect your weapon in transport.


Dual carry handles Velcro together to couple the two sides of the case in addition to the 3 side zipper. It carries well from these handles but once you load it down you may want to shoulder it. Instead of a standard webbing shoulder sling this bag has a full backpack strap system. Both straps are padded well and feature full adjustment plus a sternum strap. In this fashion the case can ride comfortably on your back with payload secured. It works fine single shouldered but the weight virtually disappears once you properly tighten the straps and cinch it to you.


On the front panel of the gun case we find three truly big pockets. I easily fit four Magpul magazines in each with no trouble. Each pocket has a divider and elastic cord with cord lock to cinch it down individually. These pockets have over length flaps with buckles. The buckles are good quality too, offering a crisp click when seated. This can easily hold a fair bit of ammo, cleaning kits and tools for a range trip. Adjacent to the end pockets are MOLLE platforms for further expansion or add ons. This entire pocket platform is zippered onto the main case with yet another double zipper. Folding it away we find dual sleeve pockets I found useful for carrying pistols to and from the range and training. One could also use these for targets or paper work as they are fairly flat and protected.


Overall I was well pleased with the bag. The zippers didn’t snag or hang up. The pouches took a decent amount of stuffing without losing any retention. The stitching everywhere is good and tight. I enjoyed the back pack straps in particular on a recent training weekend where I put the load out to the test with this bag. As a trial I decided that everything for the weekend related to my AR needed to fit in this bag. The full load out was as follows: Ruger SR 5.56 with irons, Eotech, weapon light, single point sling, and forward grip in the main compartment. Ten Magpul magazines, OTIS field kit, spare charging handle, spare bolt and carrier, armorers wrench, punch kit, batteries, eye and ear protection, Rhodesian harness, front and back plate carriers, and notebook. I believe I actually could have fit a pistol in there too but I had to take another bag for ammunition anyway. Suffice it to say this all weighed in at about twenty five pounds with the magazines loaded. The load wasn’t uncomfortable on the hand carry handles but it was cake with the back pack system.


When choosing a bag for your weapon you ultimately have to choose for what works best for you. Drago Gear is an established manufacturer with really reasonable prices for the everyday shooter. The bag has held up well to the abuse I’ve shown it and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another. This is an American designed product by an American company, manufactured in China. Street prices in the sixties make it a solid buy. If you have a penchant for the tactical side of life or the tacticool try out the Drago gear line of cases.

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