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Drago Gear Assault Backpack

Looking for a durable 3 daypack or assault pack with what seems like never ending real estate?  Then Drago Gear has designed a heavy-duty pack that you can take anywhere, and carry almost anything you would on a normal basis.  The Assault Backpack will give you that fix. The space just seems to be endless.


It features a large (20x12x5.5 inches) main compartment with dual zippers and document pocket, three antenna ports, rugged drag handle, and three front exterior dual zippered pocket; 6x2x8.5 inches top, 11.5×9.75×3 inches center, 8x5x1.75 inches.  It is made of 600D nylon, and reinforced webbing. The pack also includes heavy duty self-repairing anti rust zippers, and an adjustable chest buckle with a sweet quick release system and always a waist belt.

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I want to start with the rubber coated grab/drag handle. It makes the transition from the cab/bed of the truck to your shoulders an easy task. I pulled and stretched the handle unpleasantly.  It has no plans on being ripped or torn off.   There is also a map/document pocket in the interior pocket (Hydration-pack compatible) which my 15” laptop fits in nice and snug without taking any noticeable space from the main compartment.  The main compartment will hold another 4 laptops if you need. The shoulder straps are overly padded (super nice), and coated on the top with this awesome grip rubber coating.  It also makes it great when scooping it up by the shoulder straps. The belt is totally covered with MOLLE loops and has a massive heavy duty clasp.  The middle pocket is one of my favorites; it has three loops on the back top which are great to snap your (in the pants) holster into.  Right below that the whole back of the pocket is Velcro type fasteners.  This is super sweet, for all your nifty gadgets.  There are two additional pockets one on the top and another on the bottom for any of that last minute equipment you might have forgot. There is also some great padding for your back integrated into the pack that has the Drago name molded into it. Really Kew.

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Field testing this pack was very interesting because it is larger than my 5 day UL backpacking pack and a bit smaller than my EDC pack.  The first test was to put 35lbs in it and see how it held up. Conundrum, what weights 35lbs. Ammo?  After rucking 5 miles a day for a week with ammo and such, my feet and back still hurt. The Pack held up like a champ no pulls, snags, rips or broken zippers. When using the hip belt the weight distribution was excellent. The straps were easily adjusted during the jaunts. I found when I wanted something out of the other pockets it was easy to swing around onto my chest without fumbling.  While walking, I discovered the padded panel on the back was extremely comfortable.  It was no doubt better than my normal gear. The antenna flaps were great to drop a hydration tube through. The nylon is extremely water resistant. It holds water in and out. Test one gets a pass


The second set of tests was to swap out my every day pack for this one. I dragged, tossed, crushed and dropped it every chance I had. I have to say the perks were awesome. The pocket in the inside for my laptop fit like a glove. It also kept my MAC from hitting all the other equipment I throw in the main pocket throughout the day. If you put a torx drill driver with 2 extra batteries, a Telco tool kit a pair of gloves and fleece in there, you will still have extra room for a ratchet set. The top pocket wins for my mini tool kit torch, and a few extra batteries.  Everyone’s gadgets pocket the middle pocket with the three loops and Velcro for my side arm and a couple extra magazines of ammo.  I have to say it held up as good or better than a higher priced pack would. Test two gets a pass.

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The last and third test was to use it like intended.  I started pulling gear off the shelf to see what would fit. At first I thought it worked like a bag of holding. After further research I discovered it was just interdemensional spacing.  I packed everything I had in my BOB (bug out bag) in the large main pocket. My BOB contains basic backpacking stuff like hammock, under-quilt, tarp, over-quilt, stove fuel, water bottle filter, Klean canteen and a few days of food. The additional pockets carried a side arm, tools and ammo.  I know I jammed plenty of other gear in there and it just kept giving me space. The antenna flaps are great if you have tent poles that are longer than your pack is tall. If there is not enough space inside, there are MOLLE loops covering the sides, belt and the middle of the pack and two compression straps on each side for machetes, trekking poles, rifle scabbard, or even a bed roll. Test 3 gets a pass.

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Here are some the neat quirks that were unexpected.  It will carry a couple gallons of water if you plug the drain grommets with tape from the inside. If you fill the bag with water balloons and then someone throws the bag, you will figure this out.  If you slip off a tree stand ladder the pack will hold your weight without tearing the straps off. You can use it to carry puppies, and dog food together. A cinderblock will fit in it.  Last it will carry a 24 pack of cans with ice (American only). These were not intentionally tested, just things that happen to packs under my watch.

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As I really enjoyed this pack there is one very small imperfection that I should mention. The little loops on the zippers could be finished with a flame.  They also fall off and need to be retied. I will hit them with a lighter after the review is done. I would have also liked to see some Velcro type fastener on the outside of the pack for morale patches and cat eyes.  This would really put some finishing on this pack.

I have to say with all the large and small details/surprises this pack holds it has gained some serious cool points in my book.  I have given it abuse some packs would be destroyed with, and it survived. The size is awesome for everyday use (business, camping, hiking and assault) and also for a BOB if needed. The comfort level of this pack with or without the belt is as good as any of my EDC packs.   Additionally the versatility that it has shown has convinced me that it needs to me one of my EDC packs.  Forgot to mention Drago Gear, you cannot have your pack back. My daughter has claimed it.

The Drago Gear Assault Backpack can be found at various retail websites and distributors for prices from $44.95 plus tax and possibly shipping. Remember it also comes in Green, Tan, and black. If you go to  Drago Gear’s website you can check out this pack. Please take the time to check out the rest of the site while you’re there.


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