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Drago Gear Patrol Pack Review

One can never underestimate the need for gear organization and storage and one of the most popular ways to do that is provided by tactical approach more commonly known as MOLLE.


MOLLE is a system of webbing that gear is organized and customized by attaching smaller bags and pouches to a base piece. This freedom allows you, the end user, to determine where you gear is located and how it is orientated. You will see this on almost every solider fighting today. Their body armor and packs are covered in MOLLE attachment points.

This flexibility is starting to creep into the woods offering as the self-reliance movement is adding a tactical flair to many of the pieces that you see. One company that is seeing an increased share of that spotlight is Drago Gear. They can be found on the internet at They offer everything from handcuffs to tactical pens. But what they are really known for are their backpacks and as a result they are gaining an increasing market share in their side packs.

Side packs are for me the best way to judge a company’s belief in their product. If they make a well thought offering of accessories then they seem to really believe in their product. They encourage you to tweak and fine tune your purchase so you will have the best experience using their product.

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When I heard that Drago had sent a number of pieces into the Monkey for review, I was at the top of the tallest tree calling out that I wanted to review the Patrol Pack from Drago! I had big plans for this little side pack! But before we get into that we need talk a little about the Patrol Pack.

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The Patrol Pack is a 7 inch by 9 inch main compartment with a flashlight pouch on one side and cell phone holder on the other side. There is a smaller zippered front pocket on the front under the main flap. The main compartment has a draw-string top to seal it while the main flap contents with a Fastex buckle. The whole bag is a heavy Cordura material that will handle the toughest abuse. There is reinforced webbing on the back as well as a heavy duty belt loop. The Patrol Pack comes in Black and Coyote Brown. I found the Patrol Pack online for just under $20.00.

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Now on to the good stuff! I wanted to get my hands on the Drago pack because I thought that it would make a great small range bag and an equally good EDC bag. As a range bag, it worked great. It was able to hold 100 rounds of .223 in 4 magazines and the front pocket held another 100 rounds loose. The flashlight holder did just that and my Fenix was there when I needed it and when I got home. The MOLLE attachment worked just as it should and it held onto the soft rifle case no problems, even on a road trip sliding around in the back of a Jeep Cherokee. I will say that my iPhone in its protective case did not fit well into the phone holder but that allowed me to fit other things in there.

Photo Mar 28, 6 48 04 PMa IMG_1725a

The second reason I wanted this bag so badly was that I wanted to use it as an EDC pack. I can see by your faces that this choice will need a little explaining… One of the things that I carry with me everywhere is a drink. I prefer to use a metal container so that I can boil the water if I get in a jam and this Drago pack allowed me to carry a military canteen and cup with a stove stand. The Flashlight Holder was still doing its job and the phone holder became the home of my space blanket. The front pocket housed a small survival kit and other EDC essentials. I was able to carry it on my belt if need be but it really began to shine when I added a para-cord bracelet as a carry handle to the top which also gave me some much needed cordage. This pack added to what I had on my person added a level of comfort that can not be described. I was able to have enough with me at all times that I was sure I could handle anything immediate and be able to locate food later. After several weeks of every day use you could barely see the dirt thanks to the tan color.

The Drago Patrol pack is a great addition to anyone’s kit, even if you aren’t tacticool. It is well built. You should get one and think about how you can improve your EDC with it!


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