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Drago Gear Collapsible Backpack


Need a little extra carrying capacity in a pinch? Drago Gear has introduced a compact lightweight, collapsible, go anywhere pack that can piggyback on your existing gear with little or no interference, or just be an everyday carry pack. The aptly named “Collapsible Backpack” rolls into compact ball for easy storage, and expands whenever additional carrying capacity is needed. Made of 1000D Cordura and reinforced webbing this tiny pack is versatile and lightweight with five compartments to keep gear organized. The pack also includes heavy duty anti rust zippers, an adjustable chest buckle and a nifty quick release system.



Rolled up, the pack weighs a little over a pound and fits in the palm of your hand. There is web handle and a quick release clip that can attach to any inch wide strap (Molle, shoulder strap webbing, etc.) on a backpack. In order to unroll the pack there is a Velcro patch with the Drago logo that needs to be pulled. Once this is done just unroll and get ready to stuff. The collapsible pack when unrolled will hold almost 500 cubic inches of whatever is needed. That is quite a bit of carrying capacity for such a small bag. That is, for example, two gallons of milk or paint, or enough gear for a 72 hour bag if you’re frugal. Don’t forget the two rows of Molle straps on the bottom outside of the bag either.

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This little pack is really cool. Out of the box it looks and is small, but as my manly thirteen year old son (weighs less than a buck) pointed out to me, small was the wrong word. When dealing with outdoor gear small = compact, so the pack out of the box is compact. It will carry about as much as a large lumbar pack would, and distributes weight quite well. I like this product because you can attach it to whatever larger backpack you might be carrying, with little to no additional weight and interference. I was able to stuff the majority of my personal three day bag into the Drago Gear collapsible backpack, with the exception of winter gear. This included my essentials, water, three MRE’s, three types of fire starting apparatus, tarp, blah blah (I am not telling you everything in my three day BOB) blah. If you are a practitioner of the Pathfinder System™, your ten essentials will fit no problem.

As a day pack the Drago Gear Collapsible Backpack does a fantastic job. I took mine on several small hikes to my family’s favorite swimming hole on the Nolichucky River. I was able to stuff three rolled up large beach towels, change of clothes for my boys, water, sunscreen, wallet, phone, car keys, and strap my wife’s purse (also about 500 cu. in.) to the bottom Molle attachments. All of this inside a waterproof bag while we went tubing. Ok I lied, when we got to the Nolichucky I ditched all the clothes and towels and put one six pack of expensive imported beer and one six pack of cheap domestic beer (all bottles) with some room left over for my wallet, keys, water, that damn purse and a bottle opener. And a small first aid kit.

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While I really like this collapsible pack I have some minor issues that you need to know about. I am not a huge guy, but I am not compact either. My suits measure 54 at the shoulder and this is the issue. I can wear the pack after some adjustment and it is not the most comfortable thing for me to carry. My compact son (much smaller at the shoulders than I am) really likes this pack and uses it all the time swearing to its comfort and versatility. When I wear it fully loaded I feel like Quasimodo (Editor’s Note: an apt comparison by any standard). At least that is what my wife says but she is biased because she also really enjoys using the pack and wants it for herself. Another small issue is the absence of more MOLLE straps all over the pack. Medium sized and heavy loads are not that bad with the Drago Collapsible Backpack, so I think more MOLLE attachments would increase the carrying capacity of the pack. The pack also lacks a waist belt, which I think would be helpful with larger loads.


The Drago Gear Collapsible Backpack can be found direct rom Drago Gear, or from various retail websites for the low, low price of just $39.97 plus tax and possibly shipping. Your kids school backpack costs more than that. Totally worth the money, you will enjoy it. So to some up, Drago Gear has a new collapsible backpack. Its ver-si-tile, ag-ile, lea-thile and inexpensive. Comes in one cool color and can hold about as much as any daypack. Mine has been well used in several different capacities, and now my compact son can carry my wife’s purse to the swimming hole.

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