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Editorial Shift at Woods Monkey


woodsmonkeyico85x85Yes, there’s big doin’s at the city in the clouds where the monkeys gather to grunt, grumble, and work on different aspects of Woods Monkey.  After a lot of chest thumping by a group of alphas at a recent Silverback Summit, it was finally decided to make a slight editorial shift in the content policy for Woods Monkey.  Going forward, Woods Monkey will include firearms reviews in the article content for the site.  We hadn’t done it in the past because we wanted to post some fundamental things first and talk about basic tools and gear that makes life a little easier outdoors.  But, as with all primates, we will continue to evolve as we roll along.  That evolution will take us in different directions as we expand on our new topics and areas of interest.  One such area will be firearms, and we will also be expanding more in other areas in the very near future as well.

This is one thing that has come up time and again, and a lot of it has been from feedback we’ve solicited from you over the past few months.  We thank you for your time and your participation in helping us to develop the site further.  That said, this will not become a gun review site.  It will still remain a site about the outdoors in general, but reviews will be done on firearms along the way.  Those reviews and articles will deal only with such items as they relate to the outdoors.  So, we won’t be featuring goggles-and-kneepads types of guns.

We hope this shift will meet with your satisfaction, and we hope this new content area provides useful information.  If you have any suggestions you’d like to make, we’re always glad to hear from you.  That’s why we’re here.

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