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Elite Survivals Discreet Security Pack

When deciding to open carry or conceal carry your firearm, there are some things you need to take into account. Open carry is pretty straight forward, you simply attach your favorite firearm holster and you’re in business, without a care of who sees what you are carrying. When you choose to conceal your firearm when out in the world, you have several options that come up.


The first thing to take into consideration is what you are going to wear. Obviously if you plan to wear a suit and tie, or an evening dress for the ladies, you won’t plan on wearing something like a fanny pack as it will completely make you look goofy and stand out in the crowd. As for me, I’ve never been much of a fanny pack guy myself, but in certain situations, I have grown fond of Elite Survivals Discreet Security Pack.

The first thing to bring up is that this is not a fanny pack in the traditional sense. The Discreet Security Pack (DSP for short) comes with two different options for carrying. First, it comes with a sturdy shoulder strap that is completely adjustable. The strap is made from a tough nylon weave and has two metal self-closing hooks on both ends that will keep the pack secure and will ensure that you won’t lose your valuables while on the go.

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The second way to carry this pack (and my preferred way) is to directly attach the pack to your belt with the supplied loops on the backside. The wonderful thing about this system is that you don’t loosen your belt to put this pack on. The two loops on the back of the pack have a Velcro closure so all you need to do is loosen the straps, slide both on over your belt and close them up. Once secured, you don’t need to worry about the back falling off, even if it takes a bit of abuse while you’re on the trail, or traversing though a tight area. The loops are nice and wide, so they will accommodate a large belt.


Another attractive feature of the DSP is the strong 1000 denier nylon material the DSP is constructed from. The pack is so strong that I don’t see it being easy to tear the fabric in any way. Along with its durability, it’s water resistant and very easy to keep clean. After dragging the pack through the dirt a few times, a few quick swipes with a slightly damp cloth and the pack was clean and ready to go. Obviously I wouldn’t dunk the pack in a bucket of water and expect any miracles, but with light rain and dew won’t penetrate the pack.

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Taking a closer look at the pack, you are able to see the quality that stands out with this unit. You have a total of two compartments and one zippered pocket on the front. The zippered pocket offered limited space, but can be useful for something flat and small. At the bottom of the front side, you see a hard plastic buckle that secures the flap that leads to the external compartment underneath. This pocket I found to be perfect for my wallet, cell phone, keys and other smallish items you don’t want bouncing around in your pocket the whole time. If you wanted to, you could also carry a few boxes of ammunition in this pocket as well. When done accessing this area, you can zip up the pocket and secure the entire area with flap and bucket it all up.

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The main compartment is top-accessible via two zippers. Both zippers come with an inch or two of paracord and a plastic zipper-pull attached for fast and easy opening. Once inside, you find a single Velcro’s holster for a compact to sub-compact auto, or a smaller pistol or revolver. With both sides of the inner pocket being lined with Velcro, you have unlimited placement options for the holster. I’ve been using my little KEL-TEC P-11 9mm pistol with this pouch and it has been working great. Being right handed, I made all the necessary adjustments and found the “comfortable” spot for the holster. When the pack is in the right place on my belt and the zipper is fully closed, my draw time was just a hairline above a second. That nowhere near perfect, but it gets the job for me!

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The bottom line on the DSP is that I like it and plan to keep using it when traveling and traversing the town. The quality is above average and draw time was pretty good. I don’t have any other experience with a discreet carry pouch, so comparing this item to something similar is impossible for me, but I was able to draw my small KEL-TEC P-11within a few seconds when the pack was attached to my belt. I like being able to toss in my keys, cell phone and even a full mini-kit for outdoor survival. You can get the Discreet Security Pack (Model 8000) by Elite Survival over the web from many highly rated resellers. Just go a Google search for the product and you will be set. I preferred the pack attached to my belt between the small of my back and my right hip so it’s out of my way, but easy to access with my right hand. I’m not a fan of carrying a pack around (at this size) with the included shoulder straps, but I’m sure that will work for some people. I can see this pack being perfect for the lady that wants to conceal carry, while at the same time keep a few things normally kept in a purse in the external compartment.

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Let’s face it, when you first take a look at this pack, it does a great job at concealment. These days, there are so many different things being kept in belt pouches, and this one looks like it was more made for a small notebook, or perhaps a compact camera and equipment. It does its job well and earns high marks with me. You can pick up the Elite Survival Discreet Security Pack for about $40.00 by doing a search for it on the web.

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