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Energizer 200 Lumen Headlamp

I remember the first time I went camping with someone who used a headlamp.  When I first saw her put it on, I was confused and thought it looked funny. I also thought it was inferior to my usual handheld flashlight.  I kept giggling to myself the whole evening and thinking how silly it looked, never even thinking about whether or not it was functional.  Back then, I was new to camping, and I was also a bit foolish.  Because I didn’t want to look funny, I specifically would use a handheld flashlight.  After many years of outdoor experience, I now have 4 different headlamps, and I would not recommend the use of handheld light over a headlamp unless you need very high output.  Having your hands free makes most tasks much easier.  The Energizer 200 Lumen headlamp provides a high output of lumens, along with a nice number of other features.


What You See

The Energizer Headlamp has two main parts – the elastic headband itself and the housing for the batteries and the light.  The headband is 1 inch wide and fully adjustable for varying head sizes.  It can be lengthened or shortened to fit your head.  The plastic housing for the light holds 3 AAA batteries in the back, and has 5 LED bulbs in the front.  The housing is just a bit larger than a golf ball, but with a rounded rectangular shape. On the front of the light, there is a single main LED in the center, with 2 LED’s off to each side.


On the top of the light housing, you will see 2 large rubber buttons – one is slightly convex and the other is slightly concave.  The concave button controls the central LED.  It is the most powerful of the 5, and it has 2 possible settings.  One click of this button puts the light in low mode, and a second click puts it into high mode.   A third click turns it off.

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The slightly convex button controls the 4 peripheral LED’s.  One click of this button turns on 1 LED on each side, and a second click turn on all 4 LED’s.  So, combining the 2 buttons, you have the potential to have all 5 LED’s on at the same time, or varying combinations of them.


If you tilt the housing forward, you can see a small tab that lifts up to open the battery compartment.

Energizer is one of the companies that have agreed to adhere to the somewhat recently defined ANSI FL 1 standards, which are described in detail in the article links below.

There are 6 measures that were defined.  These measures are

  • light output
  • runtime
  • bean distance
  • peak beam intensity
  • enclosure protection against water penetration
  • impact resistance.

Energizer states that the light will provide a maximum of 200 lumens, with light output for up to 4 hours, to a distance of 80 meters, which is about 262 feet.  They also state the light is “Water resistant and drop tested to stand up to harsh conditions”.

I think the ANSI FL 1 standards are excellent, and it is important to note that not all companies adhere to these standards.  When doing your research for a headlamp and doing comparison shopping, please keep these standards in mind.  They definitely benefit the customer and make it easier to accurately compare features.

How It Works

The headband is comfortable and easily adjusts to a tension that keeps the lamp in place.  It can also be removed in order to wash it when needed.  The lamp itself can tilt forward you provide light at different angles.

The 2 buttons on the top of the lamp are very easy to click on and off.  The grey rubber is soft, and each press of a button is accompanied by an audible sound that can also be felt – it’s similar to mouse click.


The battery compartment was very easy to open with the small plastic tab.  None of my more expensive headlamps have this type of tab, and all of them are much more difficult to open.  I really like the easy-open function on this light.

I used the headlamp in a variety of ways.  I live a pretty normal life, so I basically used it around the house and outside whenever I needed my hands free and a light.  All of these tasks are simple, everyday type of things that many people do.

With all the rain over the past few months, I was frequently down in my basement checking for water.  I have very poor lighting in my basement, so I needed something extra when down there.  All of the different output settings were useful.  I used the low setting for just getting around in the basement, but when I needed to check my breaker box, I switched on the high setting with all 5 LED’s lit.  200 lumens is large amount of light that easily lit up everything in front of me.

I also used it when taking out the garbage.  The amount of light you need really depends on how many streetlights or house lights are in your neighborhood, and the headlight served me just fine.  Just using the 4 side LED’s provide enough light to walk by, but it’s nice to know that there are 2 additional levels to move up to if needed.

I also used the headlight while having a small fire out in our backyard.  Trying to carry firewood back and forth from the wood pile to the fire is not easy if you have to use a handheld light, so the headlamp was quite useful in this circumstance.

I planted several areas of new grass around the yard, and the only time I was able to get out water them was late evening or early nighttime.  Once again, having my hands free to pull out the hose and water the different areas of new grass was easy with this headlamp.  Also, with all 5 LED’s on, there was plenty of light see what I was doing.


With a 4 hour runtime, I still have a reasonable amount of battery life left after my tests.  I really like that the light uses AAA batteries because they are easy to find at just about any store.

I did notice that the central LED puts out a much whiter light than the 4 peripheral LED’s.  Those side LED’s provided a more bluish light.  However, I did not find it to be a problem.


What I Think

The headlamp performed very well.  I had no issues whatsoever during the review period.  The fact that it comes with batteries, a 3 year limited warranty, an easy to open battery compartment, and multiple output settings, all make it a useful, affordable, high-powered headlamp.  Please check out this light and others at Energizer’s website.

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