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Energizer LED Pop Up Lantern

Most of you are familiar with the brand Energizer, if for nothing else but the Energizer Bunny, “that keeps going and going….”  Now Energizer has produced an awesome outdoor lantern, and was kind enough to give Woods Monkey a chance to check it out.  Portable and Powerful, the LED Pop Up Lantern is a perfect addition to your kit for any adventure.

 This collapsible light is lightweight and easy to store. When collapsed it is only 4 inches tall.  A secure strap that wraps around the LED Pop Up Lantern in storage also doubles as a hanging strap for mounting in a tent or off a branch.   The lantern runs on four common AA batteries and at peak brightness, the Pop Up Lantern provides 150 lumens of light with 100 hours of run time.  The Lantern also has a smart dimming feature, Just press and hold the on/off button until you have your desired brightness. Its battery compartment holds four double batteries, and is weather resistant.

 I used the LED Pop Up Lantern at the annual Practice What You Preach get together at the Chestnut Mountain Proving Grounds.  As usual the weather wasn’t the greatest for at least one day, but I hung the LED Pop Up Lantern underneath my tarp where it provided enough light to set up the rest of my camp, and cook up some dinner.  There was even enough light to read by, and because of the LED panel, there was none of those weird concentric circles that tend to hurt my eyes.  I left the light on overnight on low to provide some ambient light in case of a bathroom break.  I got up the next morning, and was impressed that it was still running, and was as bright on high as it was the night before.  I used the LED Lantern the whole weekend, and while I did notice a dimming of the light, it was still plenty bright the last night to pack up and do the camp chores.


I next took the Energizer LED Pop Up Lantern to Trail Days in Damascus Virginia.  Trail Days is a gathering of Appalachian Trail thru hikers, and they appreciate lightweight and useful gear.  I hadn’t changed batteries since PWYP and as a test of the Pop Up Lantern decided to not change them out.  I left the Pop Up Lantern on high over night to provide light for my girlfriend and myself.  It was quite nice to be able to get up and go use the bathroom without having to dig around for a flashlight or headlamp.  This time the batteries only held up for one night before needing to be changed.  This made approximately 72 hrs with it set on high before the light was too dim to be useful.  Not too bad in my opinion.  We used the Pop Up Lantern the whole weekend to light up our tent, and even to find our tent after a bit too much libations.


I really like the Energizer LED Pop Up Lantern.  It’s a nice choice for a base camp lantern, or a weekend backpacker who doesn’t mind a bit extra weight.  I can even see using it in a bug out bag, or beside the bed for light when the power goes out.   I don’t see long distance hikers using it much, because they are so weight conscious, but otherwise it’s awesome.  I’ve only got a couple of gripes with the Energizer LED Pop up Lantern.  The first gripe is that the retention strap is a little difficult to unsnap to extend the lantern.  A little more stretch in the strap would go along way or a bit different system maybe.  The second gripe is the way the battery box is secured.  There is a large flat bit screw that tightens it down.  Unless you have a tool, or coin to open it, it might be difficult to change the batteries.  I would like to see a butterfly wing type screw so you don’t have to have a tool to open it.  These are minor problems though.


The Energizer LED Pop Up Lantern sells for a very reasonable $19.99 most places.  Visit  for more information.

Give the Energizer LED Pop Up Lantern a chance.  It might just light up your life!


Editor’s note: I had the chance to mess with the Pop Up Lantern a bit too and really liked the design. It folds down very compact and puts out a good bit of light, especially for its size. I agree with Taylor that the strap is a bit tight to pop off when the lights closed but I do really like the fact that the strap unclips on one side. Aside from keeping the light stowed in the closed position it also allows you to easily hang the light over tree branches or a tent ridge pole which you wouldn’t do if it had a solid strap or handle. It’s a nice touch and one that I think will come in handy frequently.

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