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Extra Large Voodoo Tactical Deployment Bag

100_2640aI just got back from the local gun show and found a great little bag from Voodoo Tactical.  I have heard the name and saw their logo, a cool skull with cross hairs on the side, but didn’t look at their web site until today.  I’m always on the hunt for a new gear bag and this caught my eye.  Woodland camo in color, the BIG zippers and paracord zipper pulls are what I saw first.  I hate a bag with those wimpy little zippers and this one has none of that.  All full size, easy moving zippers and just waiting for some cool Scott’s Knot’s zipper pulls!  Not sure if they’re YKK but they look it.  I see from this guys table that it comes in OD, black, ACU Digital Camo, Multicam, and Coyote Tan too.

100_2648aThis a MOLLE compatible bag with 5 big MOLLE/ALICE weave straps on the back and 2 rows on each side pocket.  It looks like it would be great as a chest bag on your MOLLE vest. There are two big straps that wrap around the whole bag with 2 one-inch wide fastex buckles.  They act as both the compression straps and the handle for this rugged little bag.  If you would have this on a vest, the way it’s oriented when you popped the 2 fastex buckles, they fly out of the way and let you quickly get to the main compartment.  This is rubber lined and has a small net pocket inside it for some gear separation.  The pocket in front of the main one is rubber lined on the front and has three small pockets inside there.  On the ends are two identical small zippered pockets that look like they would be great for using one end to hold a survival tin, Altoids can or two, and the other one can be the fire starter side with plenty of room for some 35mm containers of Vaseline soaked cotton balls and a fire steel and lighter.

100_2644aI was able to fit a bunch of quick items into all the compartments.  I had an Adventure Medical Kits S.O.L. kit in the main area, my BHK Bush Baby, two homemade survival tins, 20′ bundle of 550 cord, and a Swiss Army Rescue knife with some room left over.  The little front pocket had a couple Survival and Outdoor Safety plastic bags/shelters, another Swiss blade, a sealed vial with Wet Fire tinder, and another 15′ of 550 cord in safety orange.  The left side pocket was more survival/shelter kit and the right had fire starter materials.  There are small, long loops of material flanking the front pocket.  It looks like they could take a fire steel, or you could loop some 550 cord through both to secure more gear, whatever you could come up with.  I added a carabiner with whistle and zipper pulls of safety orange/reflective tracers to round out the outside of the bag.

100_2641aSmall D-rings are held securely to the top and, with the provided shoulder strap, make it a quick grab-n-go bag to whip over your shoulder and run.  It looks like a belt can be weaved through the MOLLE straps on the back and this would be a great little fanny pack as well.  Overall, this little bag is built as tough as any out there and has some nice features.  The web site lists it for $25 but I scored mine for $20 at the show.  Also, a surplus wool scarf for $4, and that fits in the bag as well!  So check out; they have lots of great looking gear for anyone from a Woods Monkey to a serious operator.

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