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Flint and Tinder Bicycle 6-Pack Carrier

Flint and Tinder bicycle 6-pack carrier

Something to help everyone get out and bike more was announced today.   The Flint and Tinder Bicycle 6-Pack Carrier.  I for one will be biking a LOT more this summer 🙂   I have a feeling these may go quick.


Turn your bicycle into the versatile, 6-pack delivery system it was always destined to be! But don’t stop at beer: This handsome leather frame cinch works well for tightly securing any narrow object—like baseball bats, fishing rods, and umbrellas.


  • Dimensions: 10″L x 5″W
  • Constructed from Vegetable-Tanned Leather
  • Finished with Antique Brass hardware
  • Made in the USA

Check it out at the Flint and Tinder website $28.00

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