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Frogg Togg Rain Gear Review

I have bragged so much about my Frogg Toggs raingear that my husband told me I should write an article about it. So here I am.

I love the fact that the jacket and pants store in a stuff bag and take up very little room.  I have the Women’s All Purpose Rain Suit which is constructed from Frogg Toggs classic non-woven waterproof and breathable material. The suit is very lightweight and not restricted. The suit is cut so you can wear warm layers beneath it.

The Specs:

  • A full-zip front with waterproof storm flap and guttered cover
  • An elongated rear cape and comfortable elastic sleeve openings
  • A full-length, with regular length sleeves and adjustable waist
  • Fully adjustable and detachable hood

I have worn my Frogg Toggs raingear many times. Unlike the plastic, rubber or pvc suits, the Frogg Toggs breathe where and the others don’t and you end up sweating and then getting cold. I wasn’t sure how often I’d wear them but I found them on sale and decided to buy the suit. It was the best purchase I made. Three occasions come to mind that really tested their ability to keep me dry and warm.

First a trip to Virginia Beach to visit our kids and loan them our generator, water jugs and a few other items they may have needed. Oh, I should mention that it was when hurricane Irene hit. We took the items down and stayed with them in case they needed help. My Frogg Toggs were wonderful; I kept warm and dry no problem.

Next was our annual camping trip to Chestnut Mountain Proving grounds in Marion, NC in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. We don’t camp at a campground, it’s in the mountains, better known as “roughing it” camping. We had one day that was a torrential downpour all day, I was able to put on my raingear and keep dry while going around and visiting others. Never had the rain leak through and get my clothes wet underneath the suit. The best thing is that it doesn’t take long for the suit to dry.

Memorial Day weekend we camp up north in Chateauguay, NY with friends at the Wilderness Learning Center, again this is not a campground, but a place to learn and use your skills in the outdoors. Usually the weather is nice; we might get a little rain but not much. However, this year it rained from Thursday to Sunday morning. I spent those days dry and warm in my Frogg Toggs raingear. We had events, even in the rain. One event was the slingshot competition which I took 2nd place. I had full freedom of movement while wearing the suit, it actually is quite comfortable.

IMG 2570b

I will mention a few things that need to be addressed. In NC, one of our friends was cooking over the fire. She was closer to the fire than she thought and her Frogg Toggs melted a bit. I have cooked while wearing mine, but kept her misfortune in mind when I was close to the fire.

Another mention is that, as with most hoods, they seem to either slide back and expose your head to the rain or too far forward and block your vision. With that said I wore my Woods Monkey baseball cap under the hood and tightened the strings and was able to keep my head warm and dry with my vision intact.

The jacket and pants don’t have pockets which would be nice. But the pants do have 2 side slits to enable you to get to your pants pockets underneath.

Given the pros and cons, I’ll take the Frogg Toggs any day of the week. As a matter of fact, I plan on buying another suit, one to stay with the camping gear and one to keep in my Jeep.

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