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Gerber Gator Two-Fold Saw

Gerber Gator Two Fold SawI was recently given the chance the review the new Gerber Gator Two-Fold saw, and I jumped at the chance.  One of the pieces of gear I’ve never really had enough time and money to really test are the various mid sized folding saws that are available. 

Folding saws are handy, because they take up significantly less room than their full sized counterparts, making them much easier to put into a pack for camping, hunting, backpacking, and other outdoor activities.  With the Two-Fold, even more versatility can be had. 

 Gerber Gator Two Fold SawThe name is an apt description, as there are not one but two blades that fold out of the handle.  Gerber describes the blades as a coarse (wood) and a fine (bone) saw.  It is obvious that they wanted to make a tool that is as versatile as possible.  The saw blades are made of unspecified carbon steel.  So far in use, they have maintained a good amount of flexibility without kinking and also maintained excellent sharpness.  Each blade automatically locks in both the open and shut positions, and is easily released by a button on either end of the handle.  The handle is polymer, and has a rubberized Gator grip panel running down the rear.  The overall length of the saw with both blades folded in is right at twelve inches.  Gerber Gator Two Fold SawThe widest areas of the handle at each end are two and five eights inches, and it is an overall even one inch thick.  The overall weight is just over a pound at eighteen ounces.  Each saw blade has a cutting length of eight inches.  The coarse blade is one eight of an inch thick, and the fine blade is one sixteenth of an inch thick.  The official specifications for teeth per inch are not listed for either blade, but there is quite a noticeable difference. 

Gerber Gator Two Fold SawWhen I first opened the Two-Fold and got it out, I was slightly confused as to the design idea.  When fully extended, neither saw blade forms a straight line with the handle.  Both blades end up forming an angle which approximates that of a bow saw.  Since I was in the woods, I locked open the coarse saw and grabbed myself a nice six inch or so thick chunk of Maple log and got to testing it out.  My initial reaction was not very positive at all.  I was holding the handle in what could be considered a rather natural pose, with my hand approximately in the middle of the handle.  I’ve tested this theory by giving the saw to others to try and it seems to happen to everyone.  Holding it like that was simply an exercise in futility.  Gerber Gator Two Fold SawThe secret is to choke up and hold it immediately under where the saw blade meets the handle while making sure to push and pull directly parallel with the cutting edge of the saw.  The fact that there is no hand guard needs to be considered, as this grip does leave fingers exposed to being smashed against what is being cut.  The Two-Fold doesn’t allow for sloppy technique and attempting to simply muscle through cuts.  It binds like crazy if it isn’t allowed to work as intended.  Once I’d figured that out, I started to develop a nice amount of respect for the saw.  Since the cutting edge of both saws is only eight inches, limiting the size of the pieces of wood to about four inches makes for quick easy cutting.  For pieces of bone the fine saw does rather excellently, and cuts through with little effort.  With all my hacking around and figuring out the best way to use the saw, the Gator grip panel worked wonderfully, keeping the saw securely in my hand without causing excessive abrasion or blistering. 

Gerber Gator Two Fold SawThe Gerber Two-Fold is a great medium sized tool that can be an asset for anyone looking to have the versatility that a saw adds to a hunting pack, a survival pack, or a campsite.  With its relative light weight, sharp quick-cutting blades, and the security of a solid locking mechanism I can say that I’m rather pleased with it.  At a suggested retail of thirty five dollars, it also won’t cause undue harm to a budget.  I even managed to find it at several major online retailers for between ten and twenty percent less. This saw is another excellently priced, good performing product from Gerber that should prove to be quite popular.




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Gerber Gator Two Fold SawGerber Gator Two Fold Saw

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