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Gerber Myth Final Review

Since I did the initial review of these two knives together, I will also do the final review together. My everyday life here in Kenya consists of walking into town, about 3 miles and doing various jobs. I am an EMT so I am always looking where I can help in that area. I am also in charge of a building project in a neighboring village. Although survival is at the forefront of my mind, I am not in a survival situation every day as some might think. I do venture into the bush every now and then but for most days, I am around the villages. For the review I have some talking points I would like to hit on and on each point I will reference the Gerber Myth folder and the Myth Fixed blade.

When I think about a myth I think about things like the story of Hercules or Achilles from ancient mythology. These were characters of strength that are still talked about thousands of years later. I don’t know if people will still be talking about these knives a few millennia from now, but I think that is what Gerber is shooting for. I have used these knives for the past few months and here are my final conclusions.

The first point I want to cover is ease of carry. For me, my EDC must be comfortable. On a normal day I walk about 3 miles to 6 miles through some rough terrain and if my tools are uncomfortable I will ditch them for something else. I am also not a big fan of items on my belt. With that said, the Myth folder had no pocket clip. It comes in a very nice sheath that held up great with my EDC but my personal preference it to have my folder clipped inside my front right pocket. I do need to note that Gerber also produces a version with a pocket clip. This may not bother some of you, and for me it is my only gripe about the folder as far as comfort is concerned. The fixed blade was not a problem riding on my belt. The webbing on the back of the sheath held up great for the time I was using it. One thing I really liked with the fixed blade was the rubber connector at the top of the sheath which kept the knife from flopping around while trekking though some uneven ground.

IMG 0015o   IMG 0016p

My next talking point is edge retention. Gerber markets these knives to have a high carbon stainless steel blade. Not much else is really known about the steel. Surprisingly, this mystery steel held up quite nice. After many cut tests; wood, paper, plastic bottles etc. The edge was still there. Although not hair shaving like it was, it was still very functional on both models. One function about these knives that I really like is the built in carbide sharpener in the sheaths. At first I wondered if it was just a gimmick or if they actually worked and I am happy to say that these sharpeners worked wonders in the field. Not only did they bring them back to the original edge but they were sharper than when they came from the factory. To me, this is a major plus. If you are a hunter or outdoorsman and you spend lots of time with your knife, it is so handy to have your sharpener built in to the sheath.

My next talking point will be about overall strength. First I must say that the blade coating is fantastic. After many cut tests and daily use it showed no signs of wear. That is a plus. For me, I am in a very humid environment and I always have an issue with rust, but the coating protected my blades and was very strong. Let’s talk about the mechanical strength of the folder. When it arrived it was strong but also showed slight blade play; both vertical and horizontal. When I tried to tighten the pivot, I realized that it spins on both sides making it very difficult to adjust. Over time and use the play in the blade actually got worse. If I apply slight pressure to the top of the blade I can move it. For me, this was a big hit against the folder. Although, the lock never failed I lose confidence in my folder that displays a lot of vertical and horizontal play. Other than that, the folder is very strong and I had no issues during my tests. The fixed blade is as rock solid as the day it arrived. Not only does it fit very securely in the sheath with no wobble, I had no issues with this full tang knife. There were no separations with the grip and tang and I am thoroughly impressed with the fixed blade. The rubbery handles made these knives a pleasure to cut with showing no signs of fatigue.

 IMG 0003c   IMG 0009i

Next, I would like to talk about performance. I love the choils that Gerber put on this line. It made these knives even better to do fine work. As I have already stated the edge retention was very good on these knives. Although it is a mystery steel, it is a good steel. I had no problems during my cut tests and when the edge started to fade I would take it over the carbide sharpener about 10 times and it was back to hair popping sharp again. In this part of Kenya we don’t have a lot of big logs like you would see in the states. Most of what I deal with are thinner branches and there is not a lot of wood on the ground. When I did my tests I split smaller pieces of wood and carved some spears and different things like that both with the fixed and the folder. The fixed blade had no problems batoning through the wood here. Granted, we don’t have a lot of the same hardwoods being in a jungle environment. The folder took care of my daily edc tasks; opening boxes, cutting cordage, digging out splinters etc. I was very impressed with both of these knives in their overall performance.

 IMG 0004d   IMG 0005e   IMG 0006f

Let’s talk for a minute about corrosion resistance. I briefly mentioned it earlier. In Kenya right now we are in the middle of the rainy season. It rains almost daily and the humidity level is very high. I brought many tools to Kenya and I am constantly battling corrosion. I am happy to say that these knives showed no signs of corrosion. I kept a light coating of Remington gun oil on the blades and that was all I needed. I was very pleased with the coating and its protection of these blades. Gerber markets them as outdoor knives and I am glad they are resistant to corrosion.

 IMG 0011k   IMG 0012l

For my final thoughts about these knives, I like them. My only hit I could really give was with the lockup strength of the folder. Even with that, it still made for a nice EDC light duty knife. The fixed blade held up to every expectation I had for it. I plan on incorporating it into my system for the rest of the time I am in Kenya. If you are an outdoorsman I would recommend you take a look at this line. I am also a hunter and from a hunter’s perspective I can already tell you that the fixed blade will be on my hip for deer season this fall in the states.

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