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Gerber Myth Fixed Blade & Folder Initial Review

It’s approximately 4 kilometers to walk into town and to the post office from our location, the walk is spent in eager anticipation of what might come. Most times we are met with disappointment as the mail is really slow getting to this ghost town on the Ugandan border. Today was not so, today I got a package and I knew exactly what it was. GEAR! My heart raced as I opened it and found 2 knives inside.

Here is what Gerber says about their “Myth” lineup of knives:

Myth Fixed Blade

“The Myth Fixed Blade Pro is the foundation of this Gerber knife series, designed by professional hunters and guides. Its slim profile and lightweight design set a new standard for fixed blade hunting knives. The full tang high carbon stainless steel drop point blade and soft rubberized handle make the Myth Fixed Blade Pro the right choice for safely and quickly dressing game in the field or at camp. Its puncture-proof hard plastic sheath has a built-in carbide sharpener as well as a unique dual-lock system that uses both friction-lock technology and a pommel rubber lock that ensures quiet and secure travel wherever your hunt takes you.”


Overall Length: 8.5″

Blade Length: 3.75″

Cutting Edge: 3.25″

Weight: 4.7 oz.

Myth Folder

“The Myth Folding Sheath Knife from Gerber is built with an aggressive handle design and high carbon stainless steel drop point blade. The Myth™ Folding Sheath Knife’s comfortable soft rubberized handle offers a secure grip no matter the hunting conditions. Utilizes tough lockback mechanism. The Myth is housed in a low-profile hard plastic sheath complete with a built-in carbide sharpener for sharpening on the go. This is the complete package for the modern hunter.”


Overall Length: 8.25″

Blade Length: 3.5″

Closed Length: 4.75″

Weight: 3.1 oz.

This review is only an initial thoughts review because I have only had these blades for a day. I do however plan on coming back after “edc’ing” them for some time and writing up a final analysis.

IMG 0697a

There are lots of things I look for in a knife when I get it in the mail. Some people may think I’m crazy, my wife says I am OCD and I would have to agree. For this reason many knives have been sent back for replacements. I know, you might think I’m crazy but if I am spending my hard earned money to get a knife, it needs to meet MY standards; standards of fit/finish and overall quality. The same applies to these knives. I am taking a good hard look at their quality, fit and finish and my overall liking of them. This is an unbiased review.

First I want to look at the folder since it was the first thing I drew from the box. Immediately I was pleasantly pleased with the looks of this package. I don’t normally carry a sheath for a folding knife. I do prefer a clip carry but this sheath makes it look good. The colors are awesome and immediately caught my eye as something I really liked. On closer inspection of the sheath one word came to mind; strong. Gerber is using this rubber/polymer combination to make a very strong sheath. I believe it’s the same on the handle of the knife which we will get into in a minute. The retention on the flap of the sheath was great. There is a water drainage hole in the bottom as well as a carbide sharpener on the back. All in all, it is a complete package. To carry the sheath there is a very nice rubbery loop on the back that attaches quite well to the belt. There is no sliding around which is a BIG pet peeve of mine when it comes to belt carry items.

IMG 0701e   IMG 2525k

The knife does seem to wobble around a little bit inside the sheath but it is not going anywhere. So the sheath gets an A+ from me. It is weather proof, bomb proof etc. I like it. Now as I said earlier, my feelings might change after carrying it daily so we will see but initially, I am very pleased with the sheath.

Now, on to the folding knife itself. This is a standard drill for me when I get any folding knife in the mail, be it a Sniper Bladeworks custom folder or $12 dollar Winchester I got at Wal-Mart. My eyes immediately go to the closed blade and check centering. This knife passed with flying colors. The blade was dead center. This is my OCD kicking in. Can a folding knife still be a great knife if the blade is off center a little? Yes, of course.

IMG 2552ah   IMG 2553ai

Next I check sharpness out of the box along with blade angles and grinds. All of these passed with flying colors. My wife laughed at me as I was shaving some arm hair off and I cut myself. Yes, it’s sharp, and the angles are great, no funky 20 degrees on one side and 15 degrees on the other.

Next I check lockup. Lockup was good. I did have some side to side play but it was minimal. I decided to get my torx and adjust it. Here is my first hit on the knife. I don’t know why knife companies do this but when I tried to adjust the torx it would just spin on the other side, meaning I would need to stabilize one side while tightening the other. This can be done at home but in the field could be quite challenging. Is it a deal breaker? Absolutely not, and some might not see it as an issue at all.

IMG 2557am   IMG 2562ar

This knife is advertised for hunters and outdoorsmen. The drop point blade is very nice and being a hunter myself I can’t wait to use it in that capacity. The blade has a nice coating on it to prevent corrosion and believe me, that is a big deal living in a jungle environment.

The handle is also very nice. It utilizes the same rubbery compound that is seen in the sheath which makes for an excellent, comfortable grip. I do not foresee any comfort issues in use. There are no liners to this knife but rather it is somewhat flexible. I have never seen this is a folder before. I like it. I don’t think it will detract any from the strength of the knife. What it does is makes the knife light weight. No one likes a lot of bulk and at 3.1 ounces this is one light weight package. That alone is a home run in my book.

IMG 2554aj   IMG 2555ak

The knife does have a lanyard hole at the bottom so if you want to throw some cordage on it you can; however in the sheath the lanyard hole sits at the bottom so I did not put one on. If you decide to carry it without the sheath a lanyard would be great due to the lack of pocket clip.

Let’s talk about securing the knife in hand. This thing is not going anywhere. With the rubbery grip your hand is not sliding around even with game blood or water. The grippiness of the handle is an A+. There is jimping on the top of the blade that goes back into the handle as well. I did find it to be adequate although I wish it were a little sharper to really dig into the thumb. All in all, the knife is not going anywhere and I am very pleased.

Lastly, my favorite feature of the knife is the choil. This is the cutout between the end of the blade and handle. This makes it possible to “choke up” on the knife to do finer work. Anyone who uses a knife in the outdoors knows that this is a great feature on any knife. With that said, this concludes the initial impression review of the Gerber Myth folding sheath knife. I give it an A+ and I am excited to get to use it.

Next I want to take an initial look at the Gerber Myth fixed blade. I put the specs up at the top of the article. A lot of the points I am going to make are going to be a lot like the folder review. Why? Because this fixed blade is in the same line as the folder. Think of them as brothers.

IMG 2535u   IMG 2542x

Once more I take a detailed look at the blade upon opening it from the package. The edge is nice as well and extremely sharp, in fact I can shave with both of these knives right out of the package. This fixed blade is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The coyote and black combination of colors really gets my attention. The Gerber logo is also pretty “tacti-cool” looking and I like the overall look very much.

Let’s take a look at the sheath. We know that looks can only go so far, we want to know if thing will perform. The sheath is very nice. It is a combination of the same rubbery/polymer that the folder has. Starting at the top, there is a nice rubber retention ring that secures the handle from flopping around when you carry it. It’s easy to disengage and I like the feature a lot. Next, on the sheath itself, the retention is outstanding. No wobble no looseness. I couldn’t shake the knife out. That’s an A+. At the bottom there is a drainage hole that is a great feature for anyone spending time in the outdoors. Moving on to the back, there is a nylon piece that attaches to the belt. This is a double stitched loop which seems strong enough. Next there is also, like the folder sheath, a carbide sharpener on the bottom. I am looking forward to using these sharpeners in the field to see how well they work. All in all, the sheath is perfect. It’s secure, light weight, weather proof.

IMG 2560ap   IMG 0706j

The knife itself sports a drop point blade. This would be perfect for hunting and any outdoor activity you would need it for. The handle is molded onto the “full tang” blade, making a very solid knife. This fixed blade also sports a choil so you can choke up on the blade for finer work.

The handle is also the same rubbery material and it is extremely grippy. The contours also make it very comfortable to handle. There is also the same jimping on this knife as there is on the folder. It’s not as sharp as I would like but it gets the job done. Honestly you could get away without it due to the extreme texture of the handle and the nice front choil.

IMG 2545aa   IMG 0703g   IMG 2559ao

There is a lanyard hole as well and a lanyard would work great on this knife if you prefer one. The only issue you might run into is that the rubber retention loop may make it awkward to slip over the lanyard. At the bottom of the knife you can see the tang sticking out and my guess is that you could hammer tent stakes and other odd jobs with it.

All in all, I am extremely pleased with this fixed blade Myth by Gerber. The fixed blade scores an A+ as well for style, fit and finish and overall quality. I would recommend that you seriously take a look at these two knives by Gerber. It’s no myth, these are quality! The folder will run approximately $45 dollars and the fixed blade will run about $55 dollars based on some internet shopping. Again, thank you for reading and happy hunting.

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