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Gerber Steady Multitool Review

Looking for a sweet multitool for your lightweight daypack or your daily use without the weight, with an additionally added tripod? Well then look no further. Gerber has the Steady. It weighs in at 5.8oz. Holy snap that’s light. I have to say when I first opened up the blister pack I was disappointed to see a plastic body Gerber tool? As you read the review you will understand that that is a great design.


The goodies on this tool are the tripod, camera / phone mount, phone attachment, wharncliff blade, serrated blade combo, micro flat, Phillips and medium flat screwdrivers, bottle opener, needle nose pliers and a wire cutter.

IMG_6912a IMG_6914a

The multi blade is simple and elegant made out of 42J2 stainless steel. It has a great cutting edge that had no problems taking care of the normal tasks of cutting and slicing. The second blade also made out of 420J2 has a wharncliff design which aided in opening many boxes thorough the testing period. Both of these blades open with a fingernail type pull.

The bottle opener combo flathead screwdriver is built in such a way that its leverage was just perfect for opening a cold one. (I think it only works on American beer) Additionally the flathead driver was just the right size to fit the 5 or 6 rack screws I tried it on. I also used it to do a bit of prying on my kayak rudder and it did the trick.

IMG_0015a IMG_0018a

The cross tip screw driver is made well enough so even with a serious amount of pressure the tip did not break off. This tip is very useable with the tool open closed or even with one side extended giving it a full length feel. It was easy to open with a great click when fully open the driver.

There is a micro flat tip screwdriver which was better used as an awl instead. I used it to help line up telecom equipment in the racks with the mounting screws. I have to say this was a huge plus for this little tool.

The Tripod, section cup, and mounting screw. Well, this is what all the hype is about. Holy cow this is awesome. There are two legs that fold out of the handle back, with rubber stoppers on the tips. It uses the non-pliers end for the third point of stability. The suction cup screws right onto a special screw tool tip which also stores in a special pocket in the carrying pouch. I have locked the section cup to a lot of things even an I-Pad and it kept it standing. It is a darn kewl option.

20120526_173238a 20120526_173402a

The handles are made with this great flexible plastic that at first glance would break. But, this is not the case. It might do a bit of bending but without breakage occurring during the grip testing, or the twist testing. It really performed way beyond my expectations.

There is a needle nose pliers set up on there also. I really like the plastic grip handles and the NO hand pinch option that Gerber is known for. It’s nice to see a set that are not so large you cannot use it to do some small precision gripping. I even found it useful for pulling a few quill out of Riley the dog’s face. The wire cutters on the inner walls are great for all that small under 12g wiring. Just above the cutters there is a bolt wallow for all those pesky ¾ and smaller bolts that just a bit of help in whatever direction they need to go.

As always Gerber seems to add a carrying case with their tools. I cannot say that for some of their competitors. This one has a Velcro adjustable belt loop ring. This is awesome for all of us guys that have a 1.75 or 2 inch belt. There is also the additional mini pocket for the special section cup. It seems to keep the cup in place when the Velcro flap is closed.

Today I have whipped out a Gerber Diesel for a bit of comparison. You will notice the extreme differences between these tools just in the pictures. The heavy-duty body of the diesel is nice. But, the lightweight body of the steady will make for a happier pocket or waistband by the end of the day. As for the pliers, they don’t pinch my hand as much with the Steady. All of the other tools really perform the same in the long run. Additionally the Diesel does not have the nifty camera tripod and section cup.

IMG_0019a IMG_0020a IMG_0021a

Overall my thoughts on this sweet little lightweight multi-tool are: It has been put together in great Gerber fashion. It really has some really cool options that I have never seen on a multi-tool. If you are that hiker or kayaker that is trying to save those ounces and you are looking for someone or thing to hold your cellphone or camera this is the tool for you. Just because you want it. The cool factor is there.

This tool can be seen at:

Item # 31-001043

Overall Length: 6″

Closed Length: 4″

Weight: 5.8 oz.

Steel Type: 420J2 Stainless

Max Phone/Camera Weight: 170 grams/340 grams

Listed for $64


Editor’s Note: I have also had the chance to work with the Gerber Steady and also found it to be a very valuable tool as well. As Andrew mentioned, it’s light weight and has a nice array of tools available. For additional pictures and my own thoughts on the Gerber Steady, feel free to check out my review by clicking here. – Bill P



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