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Gumdrop Cases Military Edition iPad 2 Case

The Gumdrop cases, iPad2 Drop Tech Series, Military edition, is a very well constructed piece. With a 4 part defense system, it will protect your iPad2 in almost any scenario.gd1a






It has polycarbonate plastic to protect the back, sides, and front perimeter. The screen is kept dust and scratch free with a replaceable polycarbonate screen protector. This is a separate piece and can be bought if something happens to yours. It is glued to a rim piece and is not one of those stick-on screen protectors (which I can never get to work right), a great design!

The heavy duty silicone outer is the major defense against bumps and bruises while traveling and usage. I personally use my iPad2 a lot in the garage and there is nothing soft in that environment, that’s why I chose the military edition.

gd3a gd2a

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