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Hallmark Cutlery Bad Blood Fire Spitter

Last month I had the good fortune to review Hallmark Cutlery’s Bad Blood Partisan Nano fixed blade knife. This time around I got to work with the Bad Blood Fire Spitter folder that was designed by custom knife maker Sean Kendrick and manufactured through Hallmark Cutlery. The Fire Spitter is classified as a tactical folder and while it would serve admirably as a self defense tool it is the intent of this article is to evaluate the knife for field use and for every day carry.


The Fire Spitter has a 5.5 inch spear tipped blade manufactured from stainless steel. The spine of the blade has a section of deep grooves that provide an ideal place for the thumb to rest when using the knife. Its blade is secured within the frame with thick steel liners and has a solid liner lock to keep the blade from collapsing during use. The handle length measures 4 inches so when fully open measures more than 9 inches which is pretty sizeable for folder. The scales of the Fire Spitter are made of textured G-10 that provides a robust handle that is comfortable to use over long periods. It has a flipper mechanism for opening the blade from the handle. The knife opens pretty smoothly and with a light flick of the wrist it fully opens with a satisfying click. In addition, the knife has a sizeable non-adjustable pocket clip.

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I put the Fire Spitter through the usual battery of tasks around the house.The Fire Spitter cuts through nylon rope, boxes and plastic with very little effort. In addition I always keep scrap leather around the house from leatherworking projects and I was able to score, carve and cut straps of leather without difficulty. The blade edge wasn’t as sharp out of the package that I would like but the size and weight of the knife provided a good solid base to muscle through the 9 ounce leather. The Fire Spitter has a significant level of utility based on its design and proved it during testing.


The Bad Blood Fire Spitter would make a respectable field knife given its weight and design. It can easily carve notches for tent stakes, remove twigs and bark from branches to make a fire poker or tent pole. In addition, based on the initial indoor tasks the Fire Spitter would work well for the vast majority of camp tasks. In a pinch it could probably be used to field dress small game.

Overall the Fire Spitter is good looking knife with utilitarian design that is somewhat intimidating. The shape of the blade contributes greatly to the tough look of the Fire Spitter. After carrying and using this knife over the last month the Fire Spitter reminded me of my CRKT Kasper/ Crawford folder that I used to use for every day carry. It is a bit larger than the knife I usually carry and so its weight is noticeable when carrying in a cargo or pants pocket.


There are only two minor issues that I have with the Fire Spitter. First, I am not a gigantic fan of the flipper used to open the knife. The flipper causes the knife to sit oddly in a pants pocket. Secondly, I prefer knives that don’t sit tip up while secured in a pocket. I have carried a couple of other knives that were manufactured in this way and they came open in my pocket causing me minor injury when retrieving the knife for use. I am happy to report that this did not happen while carrying the Fire Spitter but I am bit wary when removing the knife from my cargo shorts or jeans pocket. For this reason I wish the pocket clip was adjustable.


Hallmark’s website has the Bad Blood Fire Spitter listed with an M.S.R.P of $44.00.A search of Internet retailers will have the Fire Spitter for less than forty dollars. Forty dollars for a custom inspired design is a pretty good deal. At that price it would be worth picking up two. That way if you lose one or it gets damaged through heavy use it is affordable to replace. The Bad Blood Fire Spitter is a solid knife that is worth carrying for everyday use as well as into toolbox, or survival kit. If you are looking for a full sized folder for a tight budget then give the Hallmark Cutlery Bad Blood Fire Spitter serious consideration.


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