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Hiker Infested With Maggots Barely Survived 11 Days Stranded in Jungle

I originally saw this on Fox and then jumped to the full story on The Herald Sun out of Australia. This is one of those happy, possibly miraculous endings that probably didn’t have to happen with a little planning or preparation.

"He was very unlucky that a storm blew in and washed out all the tracks," Ms Sturrock said.

"He couldn’t find his way back because it got very dark. He had to find a place to sleep in the dark — he’s had a terrible ordeal."

She said he son had not taken supplies because he had only planned a short trip.

I’m glad he made it out and is being treated but this is why we always keep harping about being prepared when you walk into the woods.

Trekker Hayden Adcock’s survivalin Laos jungle ‘a miracle’


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