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Kakadu Traders Australia Dalston Hat

This hat is called the Dalston and it’s from the Kakadu Traders Australia’s oilskin collection and works great! Are you a hat guy? I am. Always have been, always will be. This is one of those instantly comfortable known-all-your-life hats. The Kakadu Traders Dalston hat is only one of many they make. They have 9 different categories of hats for that matter. Leather, suede, canvas, wool, etc. They have quite a selection! For the past 40 years, KTA has been supplying great products all over the world.


The hat on review today is one from the oilskin collection as I mentioned before. That means this baby will fight the rainy elements when needed. The 3 inch wide brim will keep you dry or shaded, whatever the weather throws at you. When the sun does come out and you want a little on your face, you can snap the brim up on either side. Now, unless you are a hat guy, you might not get this next part. When you snap the sides up, this hat has a big bough brim and is flexible enough that the front and back will curl down into a proper cowboy look. That’s a good hat! Or, when driving North to Canada in the old Land Rover, and the sun is beating on your left ear through the door top, pop the brim down on that side and ta da, instant shade! I’ve done that trip with a ball cap on and had the red ear to show for it.

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This one is black in color with antiqued brass snaps, 4 air vents, and eyelets for the chin cord. It’s lined with cotton/poly brown plaid that is a good layer between your head and the oil skin. It’s thin enough that you can look through the vents from the outside and it’s like see through cloth. Perfect for letting a breeze through but no bugs. The outside body of the hat and inner sweat band are 100% cotton but that plaid liner is blend. The chin strap is a proper version designed so the rear of the string can hug the back of your head, loop through 4 grommets, and go under the chin and pull tight with a plastic cord lock. So not only does it pull down, it pulls forward. Or, you could just run both under the chin, your choice.

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In the 3 weeks I have been wearing it, it has been quite comfy. Mine is a large and really fits well. I got caught in some rain coming out of work and the oilskin cloth worked quite well. Water beads up instantly and rolls right off. It got a little warm in the humidity but I think the vents did their job or I would have been hotter. Kakadu also sells a wax reproofing creme for their hats and coats so you can touch up any areas that get more wear than others and the wax has got thin. This can be had for about $12. I found this hat at a few different online shops ranging in price from $25 to $40. Check their homepage for more info on the hats and some of their other great hard wearing gear.

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