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K&M Match Safe Retrospective


When I came in from the woods this evening, I found a small pile of laundry waiting for me. How convenient! I’ll just chuck my grubby duds in the washer with that load and be one step ahead. Always thinking, I frisked myself twice as I removed each layer, looking for knives, tinder, fire-starting devices and what-not, and stuck each article of clothing in the washing machine as it cleared the pat-down and was removed.



I ended up with quite a pile of gear lying on the dryer by the time I was down to my shorts and it appeared to all be accounted for. At least everything I remembered putting in my pockets before I left the house was accounted for.

From the time I was old enough to reach the match holder screwed to the kitchen wall, I have carried a small bundle of “strike anywhere” matches (and, believe me, they used to be “strike anywhere!”); Ohio Blue Tips, in fact and I still have some. Where the clumsy chrome-plated brass match case went, which was always pinned inside my chore coat as a kid, I have no idea, but it’s long gone and has long since been replaced with a K&M Match Safe.

The K&M has been a gem; it is simple and utterly durable and dependable. Embedded in its cap is a Suunto, liquid-filled compass for gross navigation (about all I need around here), it has a lanyard that threads through a button-hole in my shirt pocket and it can be opened and closed with numb, shaking fingers. Oh, and it keeps matches BONE dry.

DSCF1281a DSCF1288a

I never use the matches, but they are always there. Maybe I keep them as insurance and maybe I keep them as a memento of the days I spent traipsing in the woods as a kid. Maybe I keep them as a talisman, but they are always there. It is possible that you have seen this Match Safe in some of my photos because I do dig it out from time to time and use it as a prop, because I think it is an absolutely essential item which should accompany anyone outdoors.

DSCF1290a DSCF1291a DSCF1293a

So, back to the washing machine. If you have not guessed by now, the unaccounted for K&M Match Safe was not noticed because I don’t take it out of my pocket, so it doesn’t show up in piles of do-dads when I empty pockets. It caught my eye as I unloaded the washer and it was almost like seeing a ghost to spot my cherished, red, hard anodized capsule containing a little piece of the sun, lying at the bottom of the washing machine basket.

I don’t know for certain why I was so aghast at seeing it there, as I was certain that the matches would still work. Yeah, I did have a flash of concern about the compass, but what probably bothered me most was that it was not where it should have been, and a simple slip like that at the wrong instant could cost one’s life at worst and one incredibly miserable night in the woods in a more forgiving set of circumstances.


“But, did the matches still work?” Silly question. Of course they did. I didn’t need to convince myself, but I thought of others when I retrieved my Match Safe from the washer and thought I might snap a few pics and share just how well the K&M Match Safe works. It’s a piece of gear I have carried for ages and have taken for granted as something anyone – everyone, else probably does as well.

DSCF1274a DSCF1275a

I love a product that lives up to the claims made by its purveyor and especially when it’s something on which I may stake my life. I can get a plastic case for a buck and feel reasonably certain that it will remain secure and undamaged in my pack, or I can stuff a LOT of matches in a prescription pill bottle buried even deeper in my pack, but for real peace of mind, I still want my K&M Match Safe on my person – even if I never use the matches.

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