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Ken Burns On Our National Parks

Anyone who is a fan of history has probably heard the name Ken Burns.  The maker of the popular documentary “The Civil War” is now about to televise his perspective on the National Parks of the United States.  There is a television review in the New York Times where you can find more specific information about the six night public television production about our parks.  This special starts this coming Sunday night.  Having seen work produced by Ken Burns before, I’m looking forward to this new project, particularly since it has to do with the outdoors and the National Park System.  If you’ve never been to some of our most famous and picturesque parks, I’m sure this will be a fantastic way to learn the history of our parks along with seeing some breathtaking pictures and video as well.  If you have visited a few (or all) these parks, then it’s a great way to revisit and refesh those terrific memories that we’ve made in some of the most beautiful vistas in the world.

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