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Let Them Paddle (Coming of age on the water) by Alan S. Kesselheim

The physical book itself: The cover was just enough water resistant to make it dry bag capable for a trip. The cover has a really intriguing picture with all the family members with their shirts off. (From their backs of course) Once you open it up you will find that the cover has a built in book mark extension. The binding was glued very well with no slack. There was no spreading of the hinge or gutter, even while folding back during the reading process.


The pages were just the right texture so that they finger grabbed upon changing pages. The raw end cut of the page ends really make the book pop when it’s sitting across from you. The back cover was also a clone of the front with a built in book-marker. The picture on the back was also a grabber with the family topless but with paddles on their shoulders.

Remember this is just a story/journal about a paddle family from Montana. 🙂



The typical older son worried about missing his friends during a 40 day trip. His girlfriend is mad at that he will be gone so long.He tends to feel like he is the black sheep of his siblings.He also wants to challenge his father and be right. On the other hand he wants his parents and siblings approval. His perspective in this journal contains powerful memories that make our lives seem so simplistic.You want to be in his shoes or lack of shoes.


Athlete, avid outdoors-woman, and person who loves a physical challenge. Remember this is the older daughter which challenges her mom continuously. She also built a feather collection on the trips. She can convince her brother Eli to jump into freezing water. I can also picture her collecting blueberries for pancakes, just like I was along for the adventure.


The MOM. She does everything from discipline, to keeping the kiddos paddling. A daily journal of math lessons and schooling is also completed. Even the presenter of a silver bracelet.


The youngest.You can watch him grow just like he is your own sibling. He is the kid who always tries things first. Everything from birth details to watching him make his own outdoor decisions. I still have nightmares of when he fell ten feet and was wounded in the neck.


I don’t really know where to start, he is amazing. Outdoorsman, parent, writer extraordinaire. His level of making you feel see and smell their adventures made it just like being there myself. I am still dreaming and remembering being there. You see through his eyes the coming of age, and change of their children into their own man or woman.


Even a quote from HOMER Hymn to the Earth.

The Mother of us all, the oldest of all, hard, splendid as a rock.

Whatever there is that is of the land it is she who nourishes it, it is the earth that I sing.

I am still held by the powerful writing and imaginary that has been put on these pages. I do understand that it is someone’s journal. It seems to ingest you, until you are too tired to read any more, or until you fall asleep to it. You awake like it was a movie you had just watched the night before longing for the next episode. Imagine seeing moose, bear, amazing lakes and rivers beyond what you can picture. Five epic voyages revisited, Kazan, Nunavut, Yellowstone, The Seal, and Big Bend in the Rio Grande Just through the eyes of someone else. Thank you Allen, and Fulcrum Publishing for sharing your adventures with us.


ISBN: 987-1-55591-351-9

List $19.95

Kindle $10.97

Worth every cent

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