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Grandpa’s FireForks

Cooking food directly over the flames is a practice that goes back as far as man has had fire, and the basic practice still hasn’t changed all that much. Take a look around any campground that you happen to be near and you’ll find folks roasting hotdogs and marshmallows on pointed sticks right over the fire. It simple, it works, and it’s fun for the kids to both cook that way and to make their sticks ahead of time.  However, it isn’t always the most efficient way to do things.  It’s not uncommon to lose your food into the fire with the old single prong pointed stick. Multi prong sticks work a little better and you can find metal two tined fire forks at most camping stores. The problem with those is either that the big ones are too long and bulky to take on anything but a car camping trip, and the smaller are generally all metal including the handle portion. They also tend to be rather short and quickly heat up since you have to be closer to the fire–not to mention the fact that the metal transfers the heat to your hands much more than it will with a wooden stick.  Enter Light My Fire and their Grandpa’s FireForks.


Light My Fire is well known for their fire starting Ferro rods as well as their colorful Meal Kits, but the little FireFork is a stroke of genius in my opinion.  LMF took a piece of stainless steel wire and bent it in such a manner that it leaves you with a springy opening that will clamp over most sticks and which gives you two prongs to stick into your food. The Fork works well with hotdogs since you can spear them in at least two spots to balance out the load and you can roast marshmallows two at a time on it too. I’m sure folks could come up with a bunch of other stuff to cook that way too from sausages to freshly caught fish. The beauty of it is that since they just provide you with just the head, it makes for an ultra-light (0.6oz) and ultra-compact package to drop in daypack or rucksack. Once you get where you’re going you can either find a fallen stick or cut a branch of appropriate size and you’re in business. You don’t have to carry a long pole with you and you can make the shaft as short or as long as you need it to be, When you’re finished, feed your stick into the fire and toss the FireFork back into your ruck and you’re done. LMF even provides brightly colored tine covers with each one to keep the fork from poking into other gear or to make it easy to differentiate which one belongs to each person.

In some ways, I think that Grandpa’s FireFork may be the best of all worlds for kids. They still get a chance to go out and harvest their marshmallow stick, and may still have to cut it down to size so they get the fun of making the stick as well. Once they do that and then they pull out their brightly colored FireFork (perhaps matched in color to their LMF Meal Kit?), they’ll have a sturdy and efficient fork for some old time campfire cooking! You can find four-packs of FireForks at many outdoor stores and they should run you a very reasonable $15 for the set.


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