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Looking For Experts!!


Are you a true Woods Monkey?  Well, if you are, then you just might be the person we need.  We’re looking for experts to contribute to the Woods Monkey site as we continue rolling out of the station on our relatively new journey.  By experts, we’re talking on a couple of levels.  First, we’re looking for people that have experience and/or expertise in different outdoors activities aside from camping, hiking, and backpacking.  For instance we need people with knowledge of such activities as rock climbing, mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, whitewater rafting, snowboarding, geocaching, and so forth.  We want Woods Monkey to be more inclusive of other outdoor activities so we can have a larger knowledge base for our audience to draw upon when they visit our site.  (More on main page)

Second, we’re looking for folks that also have experience in writing and producing content whether for newspapers, magazines or for the web.  That would include people with skills in writing articles, typing, editing, digital video or audio production, and/or experience working on the back end of web sites.  So, anyone with particular training relevant to content management systems, coding, and web design is also someone we would like to be a part of our team.  Additionally, anyone that has experience in digital photography, color management, and image processing would also be a candidate as well.

This is not a paid position per se.  Rather, it’s an invitation to people with experience and initiative to jump in on the ground floor, help shape and develop our concept, and share in the success and rewards of producing a top-tier website for the outdoors community.  While we would like to have hundreds of people with such skills, determination, and drive, the number of candidates that we will engage will likely be limited to 3-5 more individuals that will complete our core partnership.  We have started talking to individuals within our own network, but want to make sure that we don’t miss any opportunties with skilled and experienced folks that might already be out there.  These are positions that will require time, commitment and work, but will also provide for a share in whatever successes come of the site.  So, if you have the experience and skills mentioned above and the initiative to help create something special, please contact me via email at or you can visit my contact page from the top menu and send your information that way.  Please provide any relevant experience and/or any samples of your previous work.  Good luck and thanks for your time!!

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