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Marty Simon Audio Interview

I recently returned from the Wilderness & Adventure Rendezvous in New York and wrote an article about that event.  I decided to do a follow-up interview with Marty Simon, the owner of Wilderness Learning Center, just so everyone could have more background information and history on the school.  During the interview, Marty and I talk about just a little bit of everything.  He gives us some of his history, how the school got started, and he even provides some tips for the listener to take use in the woods.  Having been in wilderness training for over twenty years, Marty and his staff have a lot knowledge and skills to share, no matter the skill level of the student.  There’s always an opportunity to learn more, and the Wilderness Learning Center is a prime place to do just that.

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While you’re listening, you can go over and take a look at Marty’s website and see some of the information that’s available about the school and the staff.  The website is 


If you prefer to just download the interview and listen to it on your computer or your MP3 player, then just right click on the link below and choose "Save Link As" to a folder on your computer:

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